Should We Use Cell Phones?

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A small illuminated screen that displays anything the human brain can imagine is slowly with time taking over the human’s attention. At the tip of the finger people have the power to use the world wide web to explore info of practically anything they wish to desire. From news to social media humans are getting heavy doses of beloved information. People repeatedly checking their phone for constant update on all their needs. To some the cell phone is almost a drug and people constantly need their fix and must always be near them to see exactly what is going on in the world and also with their friends. Though the cell phone is normally small it holds a lot of power and has had the ability to have a direct impact within the cultures of mass media, …show more content…
Some schools have banned the usage while others see it is a promising sign and are trying to use it to their advantage. As this technology can be as an extremely useful tool for teaching. Many students are awfully focused into their phone that they much rather learn and even read from their phones than a textbook. For younger kids there are even small games activities that can be played that can teach them useful lesson and further them in their education. With the prices of this technology decreasing this is a big option for school everywhere and should be taken seriously because it can offer many benefits. The cell phone primary concern was to create and easier more efficient way for communication but by growing an advanced technology has created the greatest multimedia tool. From little things such as how we respond to people all the way to the social skills of our society, the smart phone is changing how humans and people behave all over the world. These upcoming gadgets such as the cell phone seem to have such upside though they may cause some problems society has never seen before. There seems to be no end in sight and not even a slight decline so we should simply embrace

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