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  • Tim Burton Camera Angles

    Tim Burton has several angles in the movie.Tim Burton uses amazing camera angles.What I mean by that is some camera angles that are really far but look like they're close to the object .In Burton’s film he uses camera angles that show every detail of the film .Let's say the author is saying or explaining something about the factory the camera with go there and film the part the author is talking about.Tim Burton also uses amazing exaggerated sound effects there nice an loud and they are very well used in the movie. There sound effects are well used for when the moment comes for the loud exaggerated sound.What I like about Tim Burton’s movie which is ‘’Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’’ is that he has a very rare style in close and details.Willy…

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  • Camera Angles In The Karate Kid

    with the help of Mr. Miyagi he is able to find balance within himself. The director does an brilliant job of portraying the them of balance with the use of distinct sounds and abstract camera angles. The use of background sounds in the film play a major role in maintaining the theme of balance. The music that is played throughout the movie foreshadows what is going to happen. For example, there is suspenseful and dark music whenever they Cobra Kai are around. The suspenseful music that is…

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  • Can T Stand The Heat Scene Analysis

    heat” scene, we get a better understanding of the weather, the emotions, and the racial hatred which puts such a strain on the neighborhood. We understand what is happening during the scene with Lee’s use of color, angles, sound and the way he portrays certain…

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  • Sofia Coppola's Depiction Of Teenagers

    The close-up and mid-range shots help the audience observe the commitment, Rebecca especially, put into living out her fantasy. Rebecca is known as the ring leader of the robberies as well as presents the most disconnection between what’s reality and fantasy between the teenagers. The two different angles play a collective role in playing out the fantasy the teenagers want to live. In the initial scene when Marc was on his computer looking through the blogs, the computer screen was a close-up…

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  • The Witch Analysis

    then starts to dry heave. The camera becomes noticeably shaky when this happens, adding to the sudden increased gravity of the shot and allowing the audience to experience the nausea as well. Suddenly, a large object appears to be coming out of Caleb’s mouth, and he then vomits it onto the floor. A shallow focus shot shows that it is a bloody apple. This is quite unexpected, but if one has been paying attention, the apple is actually a key to one of the film’s themes. During the film’s first…

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  • Camera Angles In The Great Gatsby

    During the course of the film, there were interesting camera angles utilized. As an illustration, when Nick and Tom both visited an apartment complex with the McKees, the camera angles were able to capture a man playing a trumpet on the apartment complex from a distance – I found it fascinating as it captures the essence of a typical day in American cities during the Jazz age. Also, there was a great amount of pan-and-zooming which allows the viewers to take a glimpse of the overall landscape of…

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  • Camera Angles In Edward Scissorhands

    In Edward Scissorhands, various camera angles are used to help tell the story. For example, the opening scene of the film shows the abandoned castle where Edward lives in the distance through the window, which then pans out over the shoulder of Kim when she is in her elder years. This has already told us that something happened with the castle and Kim in the past. As the scene moves on to re-tell the story, an establishing shot over the suburban pastel coloured houses up to the castle is made.…

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  • Use Of Camera Angles In V For Vendetta

    lighting, camera angles and shots have affected my interpretation of the theme of fear and control in the movie and how the government uses fear to control the citizens of London. First, camera angles and shots were used to enhance my understanding of this theme in the movie by use of low and high angles which convey one figure as more intimidating than the other. An example of this is in the scene of the chancellor, Adam Sutler’s first appearance in the film as he talks to his associates about…

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  • Analysis Of Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

    up shots, and the camera being at eye level or angled. These are all techniques Lee used to expose his audience to a different type of film making while focusing on what race means in contemporary America. One of the most important techniques Lee uses is the amount…

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  • How Does Homer Use Camera Angles In The Odyssey

    This scene contains, Homer waking up, getting ready, and travelling down the elevator. Characters Homer is the only character shown throughout the scene, and shows how upset and reluctant to work in the mine. He was so unfocused and dreading what would come, that another miner had to say “turn your light on boy”. Recognizing that, in many people’s eyes, he is still just a boy, and shouldn’t necessarily be working in the mine. It also shows that Homer is obviously unsure about what he’s supposed…

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