What Is The Reflection Of Erika Lee's Article Enforcing The Borders

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Lee and Volpp Reflection In the article Enforcing the Borders: Chinese Exclusion along the U.S. Borders with Canada and Mexico, Erika Lee asserts that Chinese immigration and exclusion had created transnational disputes about illegal immigration, race, citizenship, immigration laws and international affairs. She also defines and explains the significance of the Chinese Exclusion act. The Chinese Exclusion Act marked the first time the US restricted immigration due to race and class. It also defines that immigrants were criminals. The act also sends Chinese immigrants who reside illegally in the US back to their country. The Chinese wasn’t scared about it. Chinese border crossers discovered loopholes in the American Immigration Law and tested …show more content…
First, when the Canadian officials exchanged them for money, I know they had an intention to resist the immigrant from going in. However, if the Chinese had money, they can still immigrate anyway. So, it suggests that the Chinese are not poor people to begin with. Second, when the Mexicans were helping the Chinese to familiarize the American language by giving them dictionaries and road maps to mastermind the American roads, that made the work of the border officials harder to accomplish because if they knew the route where there are immigrant officials, they are not going to go there. This leads to a significant influx of Chinese which nullified the work of the border patrol officers. I think the Mexicans helped the Chinese immigrate to the United States effectively because the Chinese’s goal was to cross the border without being arrested. Third, when the Mexicans helped the Chinese disguised as members of another race to cross the border undetected was a very creative idea. It was successful too because the border officials cannot distinguish these Chinese from a member of another race. The article makes me realize that the immigration laws get stricter over

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