The Importance Of Nationalism In Canada

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Canada has always thrived on being a country that people can trust to be welcoming and compassionate. Since the first world war, Canada’s participation and success on the battlefields did the most to create a sense of distinct nationhood; resulting in a flood of cultural nationalism across the country. However, in recent years, Canada’s familiar reputation for being a peacekeeping nation quickly changed as a certain political party took over the country. Spending billions of dollars to send troops on assassination missions in Afghanistan, discrimination against immigrants, and ignoring many of the issues that first nation encounter are just some of the issues that adds to Canada’s deteriorating peacekeeping reputation. This paper will focus …show more content…
Canadians depended on aboriginal peoples as bearing animals and transporting their skins to trading posts was what made the Europeans very wealthy. However, as aboriginal peoples were once tied in to Canadian history, they are now treated as unfairly as the immigrants that come into the country. Most aboriginals experience lower income levels with the median income being around $18,000, they encounter higher rates of unemployment and higher levels of incarceration just because they are aboriginal (Mcdonald, 2015). This goes back to the Canadian government not treating everyone fairly. They make it seem as if they are highly trained professionals who treat all individuals with dignity and respect at all times but most of the time they don’t treat cases with any compassion. For example, in the article “Canada 's immigration system lacks heart”, the author discusses a deaf Russian painter who applied to become a permanent resident but wasn’t allowed to come into the country because he apparently didn’t meet the required English-language qualifications even though he met the qualifications of a language test in American …show more content…
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