Super Bowl Paragraph

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Have you ever been to a super bowl party or seen the seen the super bowl? In this story I will tell the time when I was in a football championship game. Well it might not be the super bowl, but we worked hard like it was. Read my story to find out if we win, at night, on turf, at Dalzell Field.

The whole season only one team went undefeated, the Colts. I played on the colts with a lot of my friends. My coach told us that the practice will be harder than games, and they were by a lot. We had to run up steep hills, run around a hockey rink twice, then run ladders the size of a football field, then last of all, we had to run full length football fields down and back five times with full pads and helmets on. (It got really hot and sweaty fast and I had a visor on so that fogged up fast.)

Now to the real story. I was playing middle linebacker and my coach told me to blitz, but I had this weird feeling it was going to be a pass or the running back was going to break free, so I stayed back. The running back broke free on the right side of the field. He passed everyone, except for me. Soon I was like a dog chasing a cat. Finally at the 7 yard line I jumped and the ball fell on the 5 yard line. My friends and the coaches
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I was playing middle linebacker and I was told to stay home (stay in the area where you started at). When the ball was snapped the QB faked the hand off and I see a wide receiver running down the field with no one to defend him, so I yell “PASS!” and I ran as hard as I could to defend him. Just to make sure I looked at the QB and sure enough, he dropped back in the pocket and had his hand by his chest ready to pass. When the QB passed the ball from the 10 yard line no one was covering the wide receiver. I was the closest to him so I ran towards him and in the last few seconds the ball was in the air, I swatted the ball down. My team and coaches where super happy because I swatted down a pass, in the end zone, on 4th

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