Dallas Cowboys Team Touchdown

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Touchdown. Touchdown is what the sports commentator said. Touchdown is why the fans started cheering. Touchdown is why we were here. Touchdown was all I heard when I went to the Dallas Cowboys’ game with my dad. I was thrilled when I got tickets to go to the Cowboys’ game with my dad. They were my favorite team, and I was there biggest fan. My room looked liked the Dallas Cowboys. My clothes were mainly Cowboys’ apparel. All the silver and blue would blind my friends who were Saint’s fans. The Cowboys’ were also playing their most hated rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. It was set to be an awesome trip. We started the exhausting six-hour drive early in the morning. We finally arrived after numerous stops during the afternoon. The game was tomorrow, so we needed to be well rested. We decided …show more content…
It was almost halftime, and I was dying to eat some pizza. We sat next to diehard fans that screamed after every play. I could see the huge jumbotron that looked bigger than the stadium. My lungs were aching from all the cheering. It was a tight game that would end in heartbreak. We were down by three points with fifty-seconds left in the game. I had trust in our amazing clutch quarterback, Tony Romo. He slung the ball down the field, and it seemed like it was in slow motion. The ball was in a spiral traveling yard by yard. It finally hit the receiver’s hands in the end zone. We were yelling and cheering with joy. It looked like we had won the game with forty seconds left.
Then out of nowhere, the other team marched down the field down by four points. The quarterback threw the ball and was one foot away from the touchdown. He then threw an interception, and the fans were going crazy. It was one of the most exciting moments in football that season.
After the game, we went home, and I was one of the happiest kids on the planet. I was so sad that we had to leave. I enjoyed the time with my dad. I could not wait to go

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