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  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Essay

    Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as CTE for short, is a progressive degenerative brain disease found in the brains of athletes, specifically football players. The repetitive hits to the head sustained while playing the game of football ultimately results in the degeneration of brain tissue and the build-up of an abnormal protein known as tau. Mike Webster was a famous offensive linemen for the Pittsburg Steelers who spent fourteen years in Pittsburg and his last two…

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  • Esports Sports Essay

    Esports is a sport! The viewership’s, prize money and mental stress that Esports athletes have to go through are comparable to that of a regular sport athlete. It is not shocking that Esports athletes are very determined and focused people, given that there is so much on the line. Esports has pretty much turned into a full on sport with the addition of Esports commentators Not only that they are also treated similarly to that of a regular sports athlete, given a coaching staff and many other…

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  • Cleveland Browns Research Paper

    NFL football is one of America’s favorite past times. Every Sunday in the fall millions of fans pile into stadiums across the country to with hope that their team has a successful season, and can hopefully go all the way and reach the Super Bowl. Cleveland Browns fans hope for this every year, but are let down again and again. At the time of writing this essay the Cleveland Browns are 0-12 and are well on their way to being winless. If they can’t manage to win a game they will be only the…

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  • Newark Panthers Research Paper

    The Newark Panthers made it to the Super Bowl! It is the most exciting game of their season. They had a chance to get a super bowl ring that said Newark Panthers Super Bowl Champions 1956. If they win this, they could hold a record for the most losses in a regular season, but win the Super Bowl. The Newark Panthers head coach, Kyle Shanahan made each practice harder than the last one so, by the last practice every player was tired and ready to beat the New York Giants their biggest rivals at the…

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  • The Effects Of Sexism In The Media

    “Sexism goes so deep that at first it’s hard to see; you just think it’s reality”. This quotation by author/activist, Alix Kates Shulman thoroughly sums up the entirety of this paper. Shulman is basically saying that nowadays, many people do not notice the existence of sexism in society today because it is such a huge part of many things that are integral in our lives; such as television, music, magazines, the workplace, and politics. Though not everyone notices this form of sexism because to…

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  • Tom Brady Research Paper

    contrasting four games without Tom, and four games with him from the current 2016 season. In the 2015 AFC Championship, the New England Patriots went on to battle the Indianapolis Colts, to win the conference championship, and would go on to win the super bowl. In that game, a Colts player had a concern about a Patriots football after intercepting one of Tom Brady’s passes. That concern was the air pressure in the ball. It turned out, after further investigation after the game, the ball was in…

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  • Essay On Pros And Cons Of American Sports

    The bad decisions such as brawls during the NCAA Tournament or after the Super Bowl are unfortunately always going to happen. The positives from winning the Super Bowl are weigh out the occasional after party brawl. The players, coaches are able to celebrate their team victory as well as the fans who helped them guide the way. Personally, I never actually won a famous…

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  • Cowboys Owner Case Study

    comments to Dez Bryant on the phone while Dez is sitting in Jerry’s office after signing the contract "Congratulations," Jones said. "Let 's just win five Super Bowls in a row, how about it?" "Yes sir, we are," Bryant replied. "I think this is the year. We got it." Big statement there by Mr. Jones. We all know how hard it is to win one Super Bowl in the NFL, let alone win five in a row. Jerry really wants another chance at winning a…

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  • Comparison Of Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manningning

    Even though he was drafted in the 6th round of the year 2000 draft, this man has grown to become one of the greatest of all time. His name has been mentioned among names like Manning and Montana and Young. He has 2 NFL MVPs. He also won 5 super bowls with the New England Patriots. That’s more than any other quarterback in NFL history. It’s the most sought-after stat, but even though he has 5, a lot of people doubt his greatness. There’s been multiple scandals in Brady’s time with the Patriots…

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  • Rhonda Sebert: The Legendary Child

    It was a cold day in Whitley, Indiana, my birthplace. It was February 21, 1998. A woman by the name of Rhonda Sebert had just gone into the hospital ready to give birth to her second child. Several minutes after noon is when the baby finally arrived. The babies name: Justin Sebert. The parents of this legendary child were Mark Sebert and, of course, Rhonda Sebert. At that time, Justin Was just a little tyke. Arriving into this world at a mere 19 inches and 7.3 pounds. Not too long after…

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