Rhetorical Analysis Of NFL Ad

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Good Humor, Great Captivation, and Extraordinary Pathos: A Highly Captivating NFL Ad
Rhetorical appeals are very important forms of communication human’s use on a daily basis, even if it is not realized. The Super Bowl Baby Legends Ad aims to make the audience, which consists mainly of teenagers, adults, some children, and some elderly to see “Football is Family” when they think of the NFL. In America, since football is a highly popular sport at high schools and colleges, it becomes a habit for fans to watch football. Football is watched almost every day of the week by all different people, and has been like that for a while. The Super Bowl Baby Legends Ad adequately inspires NFL fans to pay their tribute to Super Bowl legends.
The most used rhetorical appeal in the commercial is the use of pathos. Pathos is what appeals to emotions in any form of communication. The pathos presented in the commercial is emotional images, value-based evidence, eye-catching compositional arrangement, and aesthetically pleasing props, characters, and settings. (“A Rhetoric Handbook for English 1301 & 1302”). Pathos can be any emotion possible. In this commercial the emotions expressed are happiness and excitement. The cute babies dressed up in different jerseys and coaches outfits to support Super Bowl legends attracts the audience and support, and makes their hearts
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The commercial was aired during last years Super Bowl. The intended audience is football fans, mostly consisting of teenagers all the way to adults. The Super Bowl is the most watched football game in America; so having this commercial advertised during it makes people bigger fans of the NFL and NFL teams. Society today likes to think that athletes are born naturals, so having the statement; “Born from Greatness” in this commercial connects the time it played and the topic of the

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