Book Analysis: Lawn And Order

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It was a beautiful day in Louisiana, Georgia, Mr.Adams was was driving his Ford Explorer to a customer 's house. Mr.Adams had a business where he would mow lawns and he specialized in doing custom designs for gardens, it was named Lawn and Order. Almost everybody in Louisiana has heard of Lawn and Order because of its recent booming success, due to channel 19 news, which featured a lot of his famous designs such as “ The Lawnmower “ and “ The Pelican “ where he would put the New Orleans Pelicans logo in your yard. When he arrived at Mrs. Robinson’s they chatted a bit and she explained what she wanted and to nobody 's surprise it was “ The Pelican “ due to the recent NBA championship the New Orleans Pelicans achieved. It
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Adams home address so he searched it up and it was 6414 Pecue Ln. After three long hours of driving Julian finally arrived at Mr.Adams residence. When he got to the door he was so frightened because all he could think about was “ Am I going to go to jail “. After so much suspense the door finally opened and there was Mr.Adams he looked as pale as a ghost due to the stress from the recent pranks Julian and Ricky pulled. Mr Adams said “ Hello who are you? “ and then Julian responded with “ Hi i 'm Julian Lecavalier “ they talked for a brief amount of time and then Julian finally said it “ I have been the teenager that has ruined your lawns and gardens …show more content…
Julian thought he would be extremely angry but Mr.Adams was actually as cool as a cucumber and responded with “ Is your mother Nancy Lecavalier ?” Julian wept “ Yes.” They talked and talked some more and Mr.Adams asked Julian one question “ Would you like a job working at Lawn and Order? “ Julian was so confused he thought Mr.Adams would call the police or murder him but instead he did the exact opposite. Julian then grunted “ How do you know my mother? “ and Mr Adams explained in a strong stern voice that they have known each other since they were eight years old. Julian then finally answered the question and said “ Yes.” Mr. Adams then explained that the only reason that he is doing this is because he feels like he owes Nancy a lot in life because of what she has done for him. He also told him that he would take him off the hook because when he was a teenager he also did many stupid things but only got punishment from it and not any other outlook, then Mr.Adams finally told him you start on Monday, shook his hand and went back into his home. When Julian was walking back to his Monte Carlo he saw Ricky at his car waiting for him and explained to him what happened, when Ricky heard the news he was ecstatic because he was happy for him and because he realized he had a friend he could

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