Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing Essay

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Disadvantages of using Standardized testing as a measure of knowledge

Standardized testing was thought to be a measure of student knowledge for years, and were used to assure that teachers were teaching effectively and students were retaining what was being taught. These test scores were compared to students from across the Nation. The student range extended to students from private schools with a lot of money and students from state funded schools. The information gathered was used to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses, which showed teachers what each child needed help in. However, these tests were given too much power in our education system. These tests added to the pressure students were already under to retain all of the
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Not only do they inspire cheating in students, but they inspire teachers to cheat as well. Students feel the pressure to do good so they cheat on these exams. There was an extra security measure placed on college entrance exams such as the ACT and the SAT in 2012. Students were required to upload a photo when they registered to take these exams and show the photo ticket to the test administrator when they go to take the test. Officials from both the ACT and the Education Testing Service have reported impersonation incidents have decreased by 50%. This was brought about because of a group of students paid people to take the tests for them. This is not the only incident that was reported. There are cases of cheating on these exams all around the world at some of the most prestigious schools. Teachers of these students have also been caught forging exams. A New York principal took her life because she forged answers on a third grade English test. Shortly after this was discovered, 47 students’ tests were invalidated. The pressure that teachers are under to see their students do well on these tests is extremely great. The performance of students on these tests falls on them just as

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