Handicapped Act 1986

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The Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1986
Based on new research found on infant development, encourage a change in early interventions and preschool services. Early intervention was found to improve a child’s intelligence, prevent secondary handicapping conditions decrease dependency in institutionalization and decrease family stress (Education of the Handicapped Act, 1986). The establishment of the Education of the Handicapped Act Amendments of 1986 was created in order to improve early interventions and encourage each state to provide better assistance to the child and their families. Services included language and speech development classes, self-help skills, physical and cognitive development. Under this act, each family was
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Under NCLB, all children will need to perform at or above grade level in math and reading. It is the schools responsibility to meet these standards and provided after school programs or tutoring if need to the children who are not meeting the requirements. Every year schools will be evaluated, if schools are not making progress after 5 years of low test scores, schools will be forced to undergo drastic changes including state takeover, changing school into a charter school, or closing the school …show more content…
The No Child Left Behind Act is introduced as a federal legislation act that is affecting primary and secondary education. Under this act, it is required that all student take a test to measure their basic skills. Teachers are pressure to implement the curriculum and make sure all students pass the standardized test. By providing a standardized test, the NASW argues that not all students’ needs are being meet and that by focusing on passing the test schools are ignoring individual student needs.
Personal View As a student, I completely agree with the argument made by NASW; each student learns differently and it should be taken in to a count. By focusing on the standardized test, the education provided to the students is very limited. We should be focusing on how to improve education and how we can overcome obstacles such as poverty in the education system. Providing and improving different types of services to assure children are learning at their own rate without feeling pressure of catching up to other children.
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