Ghost Stories

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The folklore of Appalachia and Kentucky is something that cannot be refuted. In these mountains many stories and superstitions grow. These stories are passed down and recorded. What remains a mystery is whether these stories are rooted in fact or fiction. Ghost stories range in topic from people, places, houses, and more and the superstitions include ghosts and how people live their lives and beyond. Humans as a group are always intrigued by that which they cannot explain with the roots of folklore and ghost stories going farther back than can be traced. What causes this fascination? Are these stories true? These are questions that are asked whenever a ghost story is told, a haunted house visited, or a scary movie watched. In Appalachia and …show more content…
The McConnell’s were residents of Manse Fontaine for five years. During which Kathleen McConnell grew to love and care for the three young spirits that inhabited her house. She learned that they died of horrible fever when they were all very young, the youngest just a toddler. During the families experience of living in a “haunted house” and living with three children they couldn’t see the McConnell’s learned that the ghost children only wanted to exist like children. They played games and tricks on the adults and played with the youngest son, Duncan. They were trapped in the house for at least a hundred years if not longer, caring for each other and not understanding why they were trapped until the day that the McConnell’s moved and Kathleen discovered how to release their souls. After that day they were never again heard from by future residents or the …show more content…
They are staying at a farm, as caretakers, when one night at midnight they hear a beating on the door. After the beating stops they hear someone walk off the porch and stop at the large bay window and shake it violently. There they see a woman wearing all black. The next morning they find no prints in the snow. When they go to town later that day they are told the story of a wronged sister who only wore black and had sworn her revenge on her brother who died in the house. Was there really a benevolent ghost beating on the window trying to get revenge on her brother or was it just a passerby whose foot prints were covered by the snow? If the couple and the legends are to be believed this ghost cannot rest because of her brothers

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