Orphan Train By Christina Baker Kline: An Analysis

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Up until the modern world, history has changed by either removing a feature or improving its structure. In the novel, “Orphan Train” by Christina Baker Kline a story is told between a 17-year-old orphan in the modern world and a 91-year-old widow who experienced a long ride in the orphan train back in the early 20th century. Vivian Daly, the 91-year-old widow explains the hardships she went through to the orphan, Molly Ayer. This story compares and shows the drastic change in the lives of orphans then and now. It shows how in todays society orphans don’t go through as much as the orphans from back then like Vivian.
Molly is overlooked as a “gothic” girl that’s very lonely. She allows ghost to replace living things in order to have the feeling of belonging there. “The ghosts whispered to me, telling me to go on.” Molly builds these imaginary characters so she can also feel accompanied.” The thing is—she did steal it. Or tried. It’s her favorite novel, Jane Eyre, and she wanted to own it, to have it in her
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Molly grows more affection towards Vivian and becomes defensive of their friendship. The situation at Molly’s foster home continues to get worse, her arguments with Dina get out of hand. One day, as Molly does some research about Vivian’s family history. she looks through newspaper and record archives, she discovers that Vivian’s sister Maisie didn’t really die in the fire. She was adopted by Vivian’s neighbors, the Schatzmans. Molly shortly after got into a big argument with her foster mom, Dina and gets kicked out of her home. Molly then tells Vivian what’s going on and confesses that the only reason she was helping her was to achieve 50 hours of community service but that it got more serious than that. Vivian didn’t care as much but instead offered Molly her home to repay Vivian Molly located both her sister and daughter and reunited some of her

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