Informative Speech About Ghosts

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Spirits We all want to know what will happen to us once we die. The questions arise, “Will I come back as another form of life?” Will my sole still linger around those I love? Will I just be a lifeless body in the ground? All these question are things we have thought about from time to time especially the older we get and how the fact of death becomes a reality. I know most all of us have been to a haunted house or heard of off the wall ghost stories. Are these true? Are there really ghosts or spirts out there? The answer is yes. As you continue to read I will begin explaining to you the realization of how true and as real as you and me, these spirits really are. Cultures all around the world believe in after life in another realm. Ghost are the most widely believed paranormal phenomena, 37 percent of Americans believe in haunted houses. Half of that 35 percent also believe in ghosts. For years ghosts have been very popular and have appeared in countless stories and movies. There are different versions of …show more content…
It was unfished because the old man who was working on it with his son had passed away and it sat vacant for a few years. We moved in, cleaned it up and it became our home. My brother at the time was interested in videoing everything and putting video clips together to make home movies. One night he sat the camera up in our living room because for the past few nights prior we kept hearing noises and someone walking upstairs because the floors would creak. Every time I would go upstairs no one was there. So just out of curiosity we set up the camera and watched the footage the very next day. To our surprise we seen what looked like an old man humped over, walking across the living room and sit in my dad’s chair, the image soon faded away. At that moment we were all freaked out because we knew this wasn’t a joke or that this video had been altered in

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