Listening To My Father & # 39 ; S From The 50-70's

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I’m listening to my dad’s old CD’s from the 50-70’s. Nobody can hear it but me. The night is silence. The star is shining. The world is listening. I should have gone to sleep hours ago, but the memories go through my head. The music has enchanted me. This music most reminds me of my dad, Oscar. I always listen to this music on June 22 and Nombrever 26. On Nombrever, 26 is his birthday and on June is his anniversary of his last breath. Its has been 10 years that I see him. I was 6 years old, two days after my birthday he went to the shy. He had a broken heart. I remember when I heard he died. I wasn 't sure how to react at first I thought that my cousins were doing a bad joke, However; this wasn 't a joke. My mom told me what happened that day. …show more content…
(tell me)/ How can you stop that old sun from shining? /What makes the world go round?” by bee gees, “How can you mend a broken heart?” I tell you what this means to me, you cannot feel the pain of my suffering if you don’t see it physically. If you only glance at it, a sword of sorrow will pierce my heart and destroyed in tiny pieces. That what I felt when I heard about your death. I felt terrible, as the world could break. This feels as living in the rain. I always remember the last day I saw you. We went to the hospital to see him for my Birthday. I remember as we got out of the hospital, you were on the window waving goodbye to us, as we were leaving. Never knowing that was the last time I see you, who could it thought that two days after you could die from a heart attack. It has been one decade, and it fell as it was yesterday. You died of your broken heart. Your heart couldn 't handle another second. At first, is very difficult to see death in a young age and losing a you is super difficult. My heart was into pieces. Knowing that I was never going to see you. My silence was the way out to get off all this sorrow and grief. I didn’t what to talk to anyone. People always say is difficult, but they never experience it so how they know how it feels if they never went through what I was experiencing. My heart was broken into two and nobody could help me. However, throw time people reach a hand and help me and I’ve so grateful to them. When I hear this song I think of your gray car, and that is the only thing I remember when I heard this

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