My Educational Speech

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My education has shaped me to be who I am today; I use the power of my knowledge everyday. Like others, I have made many mistakes and have failed on different assignments. Let’s just say, i’ve been there and done that. I look at school and say I hate it, but I can also say I love it at the same time. I hate the work, but I love the relieving outcome.

Today, I am glad to be where I am in my educational standpoint and that is all thanks to you. You are a very influential person to me when it comes to education. Without you, I don 't think I would be very literate in English or efficient in Math. You always knew what you were doing when it came to education, you were a great teacher to me and many other students.

We started at the basics, where everything was hard to learn at a
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You were whom I spent most of my days with. Id wake up early to go to school with you and sit in your classroom till school started. In the mean time, I couldn 't just sit there and do nothing, so you always found a book for me to read to keep me entertained. It wasn 't very entertaining to me, as I would sit at the table and stretch the bottom of my eyelids then groan like the time couldn 't go any faster. My Mother had just gotten me the new Game Cube at the time, and that’s all I had on my mind. Once the first bell rang, it meant that I had to go to class. After school, I would head to straight to your classroom cause you were my ride home. The downside was, you had to grade other students work, so we had to stay a little after, until all the students have left. While I waited, I sat at a desk and finished my homework. Every week we would get a homework packet to last us the five days of school, but I finished it the Monday afternoon I received it. I thought, finishing my homework in advanced would give me a lot of free time during the day; but you ended up torturing me with work you could find to keep my mind

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