Why My Education Is Important To Me

My education has shaped me to be who I am today; I use the power of my knowledge everyday. Like others, I have made many mistakes and have failed on different assignments. Let’s just say, i’ve been there and done that. I look at school and say I hate it, but I can also say I love it at the same time. I hate the work, but I love the relieving outcome.

Today, I am glad to be where I am in my educational standpoint and that is all thanks to you. You are a very influential person to me when it comes to education. Without you, I don 't think I would be very literate in English or efficient in Math. You always knew what you were doing when it came to education, you were a great teacher to me and many other students.

We started at the basics, where everything was hard to learn at a young age. You made do so many educational practices that I used to call “punishment.” Educational things like timed reading and multiplication tables over and over again. Even worse, you tried so hard to fix my hand writing. Take a guess on how my handwriting looks now? Pretty ugly; like a chicken scratched a piece of paper with ink on their foot. My learning experience in elementary school was ignited by you pushing me harder everyday to read, write, and practice my math; I may have not appreciated it then but I sure do appreciate it today,
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As I called it punishment, You and my mom called it “getting ahead.” Getting home after school was the worse from then on. I would get out of the car as slowly as I could to stall time. I would get a drink of water or complain that I was hungry, even though I really wasn’t. It wasn 't that easy though. You would sit at the dinning table waiting for me to come and start, and I knew if I didn 't do it, my mom would probably smack me in the back of the head when she got

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