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  • Leon F. Seltzer Ph. D. Evolution Of The Self

    In our daily life, people misunderstand other people is normally. According to, investigation shows people have this kind of emotional behavior cause many reasons. By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. Evolution of the Self “9 Reasons its So Easy to Be Misunderstood” report from “psychology today web”. From his report, I think there is one reason very important which is “The other person is mad at you”. It is true “Keep in mind that if the other individual is emotionally upset with you, whatever you say (or write) to them is likely to be taken unfavorably” Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. said. I think, when people has negative emotion, they not willing to listen to anyone explain, whatever what others talk, they already been angry and irritated, obviously, they always misinterpret what others real…

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  • Why My Education Is Important To Me

    refreshed. As we were on our way home from school, I would get excited and get my hopes up that I could play the new game I got. I was an eager beaver, I had a giant grin on my face as we pulled into the driveway. I would run out of the car and through the garage quickly and stealthy to dodge anything you had to say about school. I ran up the stairs and leaped to my room to shut the door and lock it. I would hastily turn on my Game Cube and the Tv to start playing. It was my first priority to…

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  • Monologue Of Senpai

    "Senpai did notice me" You like him. No, it 's more than that - you love him. At first you just looked up to him seeing how great he is at swimming - as if he and the water is one. He 's always the fastest one from the four of them. Then you started to learn more about him - you learned how good he is at arts and that he knows how to cook. It seems he can do anything you can 't, and the next thing you know you 're falling in love with your senpai, Haruka Nanase. It 's not that you 're stalking…

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  • My Journey In Life: The Beginning Of Life

    beginning of life to come that was all we knew. When everything in the pond was pure bliss, life was wonderful to say the least. It seemed as though nothing could be a problem and that life was kind and no one really knew what lie ahead. Everything at the pond was laidback, easy-going, and full of contentment for everyone but Ping as we later come to find out. Little did I or Ping knew this was just the beginning of change. In the summer of 2011, I began my first job. I was hired on as a cook…

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  • Listening To My Father & # 39 ; S From The 50-70's

    shining? /What makes the world go round?” by bee gees, “How can you mend a broken heart?” I tell you what this means to me, you cannot feel the pain of my suffering if you don’t see it physically. If you only glance at it, a sword of sorrow will pierce my heart and destroyed in tiny pieces. That what I felt when I heard about your death. I felt terrible, as the world could break. This feels as living in the rain. I always remember the last day I saw you. We went to the hospital to see him for my…

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  • Personal Narrative: Running Out Of Personal Interests

    Kevin then told me that he did not care about all of those and only wanted puzzles. This made me scared, I felt that if I kept talking about something like that he will run out of interests when I run out of puzzles. Then one day Kevin brought a big book of riddles and logic puzzles and asked if I wanted to help him solve some of the riddles. I was shell shocked, for the first time one of my “friends” took up one of my interests and wanted me to be part of their interest. When I did not know…

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  • Analysis Of Thank You Ma Am

    The story “ Thank You Ma 'am” is about one a boy Roger that try to steal Mrs. Jones pocketbook but Mrs. Jone not permit that and help the boy by talking with him, take him to her house and help him giving food and advice. Notably, the text say, “The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeaned sitter. Then she reached down, picked the boy up by his shirt front, and shook him until his teeth rattled.”(Hughes 2), That is to say that Mrs. Jones Turned around and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Short Story Of Nicki's POV '

    Nicki 's POV As his head was coming up Lani walked in "I hope I wasn 't intruding on anything but its time for dessert" he said and then rolled his eyes while walking off. I giggled "Well thank you" I said to Drake blushing awfully hard, my panties were soaked his kisses turned me on, I knew he was just trying to be sweet, it was innocent. "Your welcome, well before we go out there can I get your number ?" He asked "Yeah no problem" I said taking his phone and entering my number As we got…

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  • My Soul Essay

    and his eyes were almost a grey they had a slight tint of blue. They were the color of someone 's emotion while dealing with the grief of their loved one. The one thing I found odd is the fact the devil wears glasses. They were rectangular frames large on his face. They only magnified his amazing eyes. " I don 't want it," I stared into his eyes. They were gorgeous. He staggered back as if I had punched him in the stomach. He looked as if he couldn’t catch his breath. At first he couldn’t form…

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  • Black Death: A Short Story

    street and having dead bodies around the corner. There was no more room for graves so they ended up just taking the piled up bodies and tossed them in a giant hole and added a small layer of dirt over the top. There wasn't even priests to say prayers for the people, and even if there were we couldn't say prayers to everyone because literally half of london even was wiped out. When I was walking in the poor side of town, all the sudden this inhuman screech makes me jump. I creep along the side…

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