My Journey In Life: The Beginning Of Life

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My journey in life did not truly began till the summer of 2011. Just like the setting scene of the book Ping, it was the beginning of life to come that was all we knew. When everything in the pond was pure bliss, life was wonderful to say the least. It seemed as though nothing could be a problem and that life was kind and no one really knew what lie ahead. Everything at the pond was laidback, easy-going, and full of contentment for everyone but Ping as we later come to find out. Little did I or Ping knew this was just the beginning of change.
In the summer of 2011, I began my first job. I was hired on as a cook for the local Pizza Hut in Carthage. I was nervous, anxious, and all
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My sister was in the hospital for a week while my mother stayed a month in Vanderbilt and a month in Stallworth. I do not believe I was prepared mentally to see my mom in a wheelchair at the age of seventeen. It was a sad situation that I vowed to myself I would find a positive from it. It brought us closer together as a family and showed us our strengths to help each get better. While they was in the hospital, I stayed with my sister in the children’s wing while my dad stayed with mom over in the trauma ICU. My sister had a marvelous RN that answered all my questions and helped me calm my fears. Not only could she be knowledgeable but she knew how to comfort us and made it all the easier. Right then I knew who I wanted to be like one day. She did not know the effect she had on me and probably never will, but I have made the decision to be a RN and never looked back no matter what I had to …show more content…
You learn that trials will arise you just have to be strong enough to get thru them when it seems at the moment all is hopeless. I recall the quotes that, “Change-real change- is unsettling. Fear of change, fear of taking risks, fear of ridicule or that someone will disapprove of your goals and dreams-these are the enemies of intention and transformation.” (Ping, pg.19). Also, “Too many wait for just the right time and just the right place to act. The very act of waiting actually pushes the desired events away. You must do in order to be.” (Ping, pg. 32). I do not think there will ever be a better time than today to let your life become what it needs to be! Ping not only learned a lot, but showed me how close his life was to mine. Imagine

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