My Birth Story Essay

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Birth Story My mom was 24 years old when she found out she was pregnant with me. She missed her period so she took a pregnancy test, followed by a doctor’s appointment to make sure. At this time my dad was transitioning from Norfolk Navel Base in Virginia to Pearl Harbor Navel Base in Hawaii via submarine and my mom was visiting family in Nebraska. When she found out that she was in fact pregnant her initial reaction was surprised and excited. Her doctor told her that she might have a hard time conceiving because her menstrual cycle was so sporadic. Some early pregnancy signs and symptoms she experienced were not feeling well, nauseated, and very tired. She was sensitive to the smell of personal hygiene products and foods, had mild cramping …show more content…
My mom had cramping, frequent contractions and lower back pain that made it difficult to sleep. Prior to labor she was sent home twice because she was not dilating, but she was still uncomfortable and tired. Finally she was admitted to the hospital late that afternoon and the nurse broke her water to speed things up. She does not recall feeling the baby (me) dropping, but a few weeks prior to delivery she remembers it being challenging to walk normal because the baby (me) was pressing on her uterus. Labor began 2 weeks after her due date and the length was approximately 24 hours. She labored at home until she was admitted to the hospital. Once at the hospital she labored for approximately an hour. She delivered me at the Trippler Army Hospital in Honolulu, HI. She did not have an epidural and did a lot of breathing through the contractions. She wanted to sit up and deliver, but the hospital did not have a birthing chair, so she had to use the bed with her feet in stir-ups. It was not comfortable when pushing threw contractions, but she squeezed on my dad’s arms during them for extra support. After pushing several times, the doctor decided my mom needed an episiotomy before she would tear to speed up the delivery. My dad was present for the birth along with the doctor, med intern and nurse. Despite the discomforts, my mom felt that the birth was all worth it and it was an amazing and beautiful

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