My Origin Story Essay: My Origin Story

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My origin Story Do you feel how hard is it when you forced to leave your own country? Since we born, the process of changes and challenges starts taking effects on us physically and emotionally. In our life, we never expect every thing run in good shape or smoothly. For example, we never thought that one day we as a family are going to live in The United States. Since leaving my country, Iraq, which is the most horrible thing in my memory, I have gone through enough challenges not only myself but even for my family as well that converted our way of life. When I was ten years old, like little flowers in garden just growing up, my family decided to leave Iraq for several reasons. We were seeking safety and security and looking for better chances …show more content…
We found that Egypt is better than Iraq in all respects. In Egypt we were happy with Egyptian people who were friendly and cooperative. We lived there more than seven years and I grew up and have spent a period of my youth. It was a great experience when we lived in Egypt and joined their school and tried to work with them, but still we didn’t feel safe about our future, specifically there is a limitation in job opportunities and poor income. Therefore, it was not easy to achieve the status, which anybody wished. We thought to immigrate to The United States. My family started to prepare to our travel actually it’s turning point. I still remember that my father once he got the approval to travel to USA was so happy full with ambition to start our new life. “let’s get the luggage and stuff down to street because the driver will come soon” my father said, that was the last day in Egypt when everybody in our area said goodbye to us and their faces filled with tears. We were getting so many different feelings sad, surprised and happy mixed at the same time. The reason why we felt sad because leaving this kind people and neighbors who love us and feeling surprised of the unknown future. That’s leads us to feel happy because we going to great country like

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