Benefits Of Being A Nurse

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Having the knowledge on how to help people is one of the most rewarding and important things one can accomplish in his or her life. Having a career in the medical field has been something that I wanted since I was little. The role of a nurse is one of the most challenging and satisfying jobs in the world. Nursing is one of the few jobs that lets you connect with people and truly make a difference in their lives. Being a good nurse means being a good listener, being eager to learn, having interpersonal skills, being empathetic and having the pride to improve on oneself and learn from one’s mistakes.

The day I knew I wanted to be a nurse was in high school and I had surgery for a chest wall deformity, I was in the hospital for a week at the University of Illinois Hospital and after watching all the nurses work as a team, I knew I wanted to part of them. During my time in the hospital, I took it upon myself to help other children get through whatever they were there for. One little boy in particular really had an impact on me. He had the same surgery I did and was having a tougher time than I was. His parents were not able to be there with him, and he was really scared but during this time, I tried to comfort him. I held his hand during every bandage change and therapy session, and by the end of
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I realize that nursing is a profession for life that once you become a nurse, you are a nurse for the rest of your life. Nursing will influence me in the way I act and think, the way I see the world around me. I feel I am ready to embark on this profession and the way of life it entails. UIC has always been the school I wanted to attend since my days in middle school. Their low student to teacher ratio, their dedicated staff that prepares you for any career and their passion for transforming health are the reasons UIC is my dream

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