My Dream Of Becoming A Nurse

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Ever since high school my dream has always been to become a nurse. I know that Nursing is the profession for me. Becoming a Pediatric Nurse is what interest me. I am an outgoing person who enjoys working with and helping others. I have watched my cousin Michele graduate from nursing school and how hard she worked and how committed she’s was in making her dream of becoming a nurse. Today she is a Pediatric Nurse at xxxxxxxx. I have seen how dedicated she is and her compassion for her patients inspires me to work hard and stay focus so that one day I too can make my dream come true. It makes me more interested in becoming a nurse by seeing how much she enjoys her job at the hospital. In the spring of 2015 I began volunteering at Texas Children’s …show more content…
I feel that I can make a difference in each patient’s life that I encounter, it might be as small as getting a wheelchair if they seem flaccid or weak, a blanket if they are cold, something to drink or just talking to a patient to get their mind off pre-surgery. I look forward to volunteering each week. The most rewarding day by far was being able to witness a nurse giving CPR to a child choking. She saved his life. I would want to someday be able to be able to save a life, not for the recognition but because I want to make a difference. Seeing how hard nurses work, the long hours, how committed they are, makes me more excited that this is the right choice for me. I can say that volunteering is one of my best experiences, being able to learn and grasp knowledge each day as I shadow the nurses I work with. I spend a lot of my free time each week baby sitting and having fun with my 3 year old niece and 1 year old nephew. Being very devoted to taking part in their lives is very important to me. Pediatric nursing has always been an interest it’s very exciting seeing my niece and nephew grow and how intelligent they become each day I spend with …show more content…
Giving instead of receiving has always been important quality I like to live by. A few personal qualities I believe will help make me an outstanding nurse are that I have great communication skills, able to follow directions without a problem, listening and can easily communicate with patients and families. Volunteering has been an important experience in communicating with nurses, patients and their families. I have great compassion and a heavy heart for my family, friends, my dog, and all the people I get to interact with at the hospital. I feel that’s a key factor. I’m an organized and a detailed person, from keeping my room extremely organized to my school work very precise. I am a hard worker and push myself to succeed in school and make my parents proud. While I attended school full time I also worked full time. I believe being able to multitask school and work will prepare me for nursing school. I have great social skills and work well with others. It’s has always came easy for me to get along with people by having to work with students in group projects to easily getting along with other volunteers. I have a positive outlook in every situation I might encounter each

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