My Nursing Career

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At first, it was a little difficult on deciding a career to explore in healthcare because there’s so many departments to choose from. I was stuck between a registered nurse or a physician assistant because that is what I hope to become someday. I finally decided to research more and pursuing the career of a registered nurse. I chose this career because I really enjoy helping and caring for others. An RN is constantly around people, checking up on them and listening to their health problems, that’s what I want to do someday. I believe one’s health is very important and I want to be someone that educates or guide others through their illness.
Tasks on becoming a registered nurse involves a lot of interaction towards patients and other healthcare
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It requires an Associates or Bachelor’s degree. Most nurses after getting a job in healthcare they go back to college to receive a bachelor’s degree. Students will have to take health science related courses to pursue this career. Courses include medical microbiology which in this course students will have to recognize the different illnesses, provide treatment and learn how to prevent the infection. Anatomy and physiology is also a main course that teaches about the human body more in depth. In anatomy and physiology, the knowledge of chemistry is needed throughout the course which means chemistry is a required course to take also. A couple of other required courses include some math, sociology, and …show more content…
Comparing my results of the Do What You Are Inventory and the Learning Personality Inventory, one of my strengths was being a good listener. This has a great value in nursing because RNs are constantly listening to patients in order to provide treatment. Another was the ability of easily making someone feel comfortable. This is a good quality in nursing because RNs should consider what the patient is facing and should make them feel relaxed towards healthcare providers. It was also shown in my results that I go in deep depth of focused research and keep organized. These are a great strength because as an RN they must stay focused on patients, help with research for possibilities of treatment and keep organized at the same time. My other strengths include being reliable, trustworthy and making thoughtful decisions. This is because patients are depending on nurses to make good decisions in order to provide the best care they are able to give them. Patients should rely and trust nurses when it comes to their

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