My Career Goals For A Pediatric Nurse

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Career Goal Rough Draft
My overall goal is to become a RN while obtaining my BSN and have a career at in the neonatal or pediatric field. I believe time management, hard work, dedication and the desire to succeed are important keys to success. My 3 goals to reach to accomplish my overall goal are to obtain my associate degree in nursing at TCC, seek and gain employment at a hospital and finally to apply and complete the RN-BSN program at UTA.
My first goal, obtain associate degree in nursing at TCC, is important to me for 3 reasons. The first, to be an inspiring example for my children. Second, I would like to learn more about this field of study. Third, I need to accomplish this goal to reach my ultimate goal.
The first action is to complete all my pre nursing courses with a high GPA, specifically in AP1, AP2, and microbiology. I need to earn a 3.5-4.0 GPA to be competitive when applying to the TCC nursing program. I will earn this GPA by attending all classes, studying and attending S.I sessions. I will also need to score high on the HESI A2. I will accomplish this by purchasing the HESI A2 study guide and using other resources to study. I plan to complete
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I know I can achieve this goal by managing my time wisely, staying focused and keeping the desire to succeed. In order to reach this goal, I must finish my pre nursing courses and nursing program at TCC to earn my associate degree in nursing. Next, I need to obtain employment at a hospital for experience. While being employed at a hospital I will continue my education through UTA’s online RN-BSN program. After successful completion and earning my BSN I will seek employment in the pediatric nursing field. These goals will vastly impact my life in a positive way by bringing a sense of self accomplishment and career happiness by having my dream career. Reaching these goals will greatly improve my overall future for myself and

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