Cook Children's Case Study

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Describe why you wish to be a Cook Children 's nurse resident Remember setting goals when we were younger? Even today, I can remember listening to stories from family members about the wonderful experience they have had at Cook Children’s. I knew there had to be something special about this hospital, and I wanted to be a part of this great change. I immediately researched what the mission of Cook’s is, and decided that this is the perfect place for me. Since then, I had a dream about becoming a Pediatric RN and I continuously worked hard to make that dream come true. The closer I get to reaching my goal, the more my excitement grows and the more confident I feel knowing that I am just a few steps away from joining an extremely gratifying career. …show more content…
Every day, nurses are keeping up with evidence-based practice and updating their nursing practice. Innovation does not have to be a large change- it takes one person to light the fire. As the nurse conducts the assessments and evaluations, they can determine whether their interventions were successful. If not, they change their practice by involving new medications, equipment, or assistance from others. On a bigger level, there is a wide variety of medical and pharmaceutical companies that create new machines and medications that provide improved care. For example, CircAid compression wear is more effective and individualized to each patient compared to the previously used compression hoses that can only be worn temporarily. User friendly electronic documentation over paper charting is another example of innovation. It takes a nurse to recognize the changes that are needed and implement innovate measures to provide patient …show more content…
During nursing school, pediatrics and med-surg were my two of my most favorite classes. Not only was I interested in the material that was being taught, I was able to store that information in my long term memory. Being able to understand the process and connect the dots helped me to do well in both of those classes. I used that knowledge during my pediatric rotations at Cook Children’s and was able to determine why the patients experienced certain symptoms and what methods of treatment they need. During the summer, I taught reading, math, and science to a small 3rd grade class. It was up to me to determine the right method of teaching based off a teaching plan that was provided. I knew that lecturing 3rd graders for 2.5 hours would not help me to get my message across. Therefore, I decided to create fun, educational games that the children can play while still learning the material. Not only did I excite them by allowing them to play games as a team, I was able to see how they communicated with each other. By observation, I was able to communicate with them in a way where they understood my message. This skill will give me an advantage in speaking to my patients at Cook’s. We admit children of all ages and most of the time, it is more important that they understand their illness and discharge teaching rather than their

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