Nursing Career Goals In Nursing

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At an early age I set my mind on a career goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. It will take a lot of work and focus to complete my prerequisites at a junior college (Georgia Military), then I will need to graduate from a nursing program at an accredited University. This will take collectively six to eight years of schooling to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I am now fully grasping the amount of work required to obtain my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, but I am more than ready to face this challenge and excel.
During my research period I used and The Occupational Outlook Handbook. The reason I chose this career goal at such an early age is because I have been around it my entire life. However, I did learn a few new things
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She went to a technical school to become an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), then she went back after eleven years to receive her AND (Associate Nursing Degree). Her motivation was providing for her family. Other sources of motivation were her mother, who always wanted her to become further her nursing degree, as well as her friend’s encouragement. She received her training through one year of technical school, where she received a great deal of hands on training, three years of college, medical theory studies and clinical training. My mother landed her first nursing job by applying after she graduated nursing school and actually received a call the very same day! She was employed as a staff nurse until 2012, when she was injured on the job and had to receive corrective surgery. After she recovered, she was offered her current job as an Administrative Nurse. The most enjoyable part of her job is the patient contact- seeing patients get better. The most important skill in her opinion is that she has to use critical thinking. After interviewing my mother it has made me want to complete all of my goals even more. My mother has always told me she could see me in the nursing field. Now, learning that her mother also thought the same way of her as well as her friends being a big support in her accomplishing what she wanted and she did everything she could to be where she is makes it more reasonable for me. It has changed my view of how hard my mother worked and

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