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  • The Ignorance Of The Piano Man Analysis

    The Trance of The Piano Man “Sing us a song you 're the piano man, sing us a song tonight.” Here I am laying on my cot, listening to my one of my favourite songs. Whatever grievances I was still holding onto now seems like an insignificant speck; whether it be homework, exams or even my social life. The absolutely captivating words of Billy Joel are hypnotic, and before I know it I slowly drift asleep falling under the Piano Man’s trance. I opened my eyes, disoriented and dazed; with no idea where I am or the people I am with. Each of my sense tells me their own interpretation of the story. With each breath, I smell the scent of smoke from a furnace keeping everyone warm from the harsh winter. I also pick up on a very distinct scent of stale…

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  • Billy Joel's Influence On The American Dream

    William Martin “Billy” Joel...who is he? Well to the current youth, he might just be a random name with no meaning, but to those of us who have heard his songs and watched his performances, whether on TV or in person, we know that this is no ordinary man. So who is he? He’s the Piano Man. As a big fan of Billy Joel’s songs, especially “Piano Man,” not only do I enjoy listening to his music, but I also feel like I have a connection with Joel. I feel like I can identify some of my life with his…

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  • Billy Joel's Poem

    The lyric in this song relates to many celebrities and also to multiple affairs that happened in specific years. For example, the first verse involves topics related to the year 1949, or very close to 1949. Billy Joel mentions Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, johnnie Ray, South Pacific, Walter Winchell, and Joe DiMaggio in the first two lines of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” First, Harry Truman became the U.S President in 1945 after President Roosevelt died that year. Truman was…

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  • Phil Vassar At The Millersport Sweet Corn Festival

    This song was a little slower, focusing more on the piano and vocals. The song had a good 2/4 time feel common in rock music. The audience sang along with Phil since this song is a number 1 hit he made. It sounded more like a rock ballad but with a little faster tempo. I sang along with the crowd, and saw many members dancing. Some younger preteen members of the audience were called up on stage to join Phil. I thought that gave more life to the concert allowing the audience to get the feeling of…

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  • Why It Is Worth It To Dream In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    It is Worth it to Dream “You can get what you want or you can just get old,” this is what Billy Joel once said, and it is still true. This can be interpreted as meaning that if someone doesn’t have any dreams or doesn’t go after them, there is no point in life. All someone would do without a dream is go through the motions and get old. Although sometimes it may be disappointing and seem like a waste of time, dreaming is worth it, they give people something to work for, having dream’s can…

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  • Slaughterhouse-Five Chapter Summary

    Literature like a Professor book and I 'm putting myself in the eyes of the character and this is helping me to understand what Billy is going through as his time traveling experiences start. I really like using this technique. Chapter 3: I’m really enjoying this novel. Billy is struggling, as he is now a captive of German soldiers in the war. He continuously has his time travels as he is in captivity. I find it interesting that the author mentions the photographer. This photographer indirectly…

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  • The Theme Of Identity In Meg Cabot's All American Girl

    Since my last journal, I have been busy reading more of Meg Cabot’s All American Girl. In All American Girl, Sam has been forced into going to drawing lessons. Her first lesson at the studio did not go so well. Sam was humiliated and by the time her next lesson came around she was not going to lose her pride again. Instead of going to her drawing lesson, Sam chose to go to a music store, Static. In the store she sat next to a middle-aged man in an army uniform, listening to Billy Joel’s Uptown…

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  • Analysis Of Ruth Reichl's Tender At The Bone

    In Ruth Reichl’s, Tender at the Bone, the reader witnesses the impact that food can have on peoples lives along with the relationships we form through food. Food becomes a catalyst in Ruth’s life, finding her true identity and the people she wants to surround herself with for the rest of her life. Ruth Reichl’s love and passion for food opens up a world unimagined in educating her and nurturing her into the women she is today. Ruth is determined to escape the negativity and control her mother…

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  • A Walk In The Woods Analysis

    but in a different sense. We work for money in which we pay someone else to get our food for us, nowadays many American’s don’t hunt or garden ourselves. We have become very dependent on others for almost everything. Wendell Berry recommends those who live in the city that are not able to farm themselves to “eat responsibly.” He believes that eating is an agricultural act whereas we think of food as an agricultural product; we don’t think of ourselves as a participant in agriculture but simply…

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  • Pollen's The Animals: The Polyface Farm System

    as successful. Granted some farmers use pesticides and other chemicals. It 's just costing farmers money. The EPA states, "farmers spend approximately 4.1 billion dollars on pesticides annually". That 's a lot of money and there are risks to using pesticides. People can get acute poisoning, harm animals and contaminate the groundwater. The meritocratic model is best suited, when it comes to organic farming. It ensures that regulations are being followed for the safety of the peoples…

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