Breaking Benjamin And The Modern Post-Grunge

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Modern Post-Grunge is very different from the previous, heavier sounding Grunge despite sharing many common characteristics. The differences really started to come from a select few of major artists, who in turn made it blow up into a great genre of music. The one who is my personal favorite would have to be Breaking Benjamin. They were quick to become successful due to their impressive sound. Breaking Benjamin is known for being dynamically loud, having a low pitch, a dark and heavy tone, and focusing on the lyrics and vocals. The Post-Grunge style they use is heavy, but not so heavy that it is Grunge Rock which gives it the ideal Post-Grunge rock approach people look for.
Breaking Benjamin generally keeps a fast paced rhythm along with loud
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The voice of the lead singer matches the heaviness of the instruments to a great extent while giving the dark tone through the lyrics. A song that is a good example of the musical approach would be “Diary of Jane” from their third album “Saturate” in 2006. The reason is that it incorporates a lot of the many things Breaking Benjamin are enjoyed for, such as but not limited to the harmonization of vocals and instruments. This particular song also demonstrates how much they incorporate the lyrics into the music they create. It was popular enough to peak at number two on the United States Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks. This particular song, along with a select few slowly gave them a huge following in the United States and other places. The harmonization Breaking Benjamin creates with the instruments works very well and is taken very well …show more content…
The tone itself is actually fairly broad, and they can write many songs based off of it. For example; Dear Agony, Dance with the Devil, and I Will Not Bow. When I say the tone is heavy, I mean that the music carry a weight behind them. A weight in the way it sounds, but also the lyrics themselves. It creates a sense of relatability with the audience that the band is trying to appeal towards. The tone given from this band creates an environment to look forward to. Making songs with weight behind the words creates a broad range of music you can

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