The Beatles Style Of Music

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The recording career of the Beatles from 1962 to 1970 can be divided into 3 different style periods, namely: the early period, the middle period, and the late period. In order to analyze the remarkable changes in style that took place throughout the band’s historic recording career, one must look at each period individually. According to Tuomas Eerola (10), in order to do this properly, the solution can only be obtained by classifying the works of these musicians into a number of recording projects. Thus, the use of an intermediate level between a song and its period of recording portrays changes in its style of music in a more accurate manner. The first period includes all of the albums that the Beatles recorded between 1963 and 1965 including …show more content…
The stylistic features for this period are common to those of the previous two periods (Tuomas 47). Thus, the definitions of the previous stylistic periods are applicable to this period. However, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is recognized as one of the band’s best songs and is a good example of acid or psychedelic rock popular during this musical era. The song’s lyrics suggest a distorted sensory experience or acid trip, which is referred to as “tangerine trees,” “rocking-horse people,” or “marmalade skies” in addition to other surreal fancies. According to John Lennon, the song had been inspired by a picture his son had painted at school, portraying a girl named Lucy in the sky and surrounded by …show more content…
In particular, tambura was the instrument of choice in this song. Other songs during this period, such as “Strawberry Fields Forever” employed a sitar (Von Appen and Doehring 23). In other later Beatles songs, Western instruments, such as piccolo trumpet and Lowery electric organ were used. The Indian instruments together with sonic distortion indicate a timeless and exotic spirituality pointing towards the band’s search for truth and enlightenment in India and elsewhere.
In conclusion, the Beatles have been an outstanding element in the music industry. The transitions the group has undergone throughout their history is evident after analyzing their professional and personal music history. The earliest styles of their music involve repetitiveness, use of first or second person pronouns and pleasantness. As time went by, the band’s repertoire of lyrics increased and they started to write longer phrases. Even after their break up, the member of the band continued to record more mature hits as solo recording

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