Horse Show Monologue

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I am going to be talking about the time that I saw someone I didn’t like being picked on. Once I was at a horse show with everyone I rode horses with. I liked most everyone and I assume the opposite was true as well. There was, however, one boy whom I didn’t get along with very well. We had fought the year before about this show and the drama got to him. I don’t like dealing with drama very much so I decided to separate myself from him without being mean or rude.
At this horse show, there was a girl who was new to the barn and was new to showing horses. We were all very nice to her and she to us. I believe she was trying to seem cool to help fit in with us better, and she said some nasty things that were meant to be jokes. She didn’t need
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I told him that I thought she was just making rude comments to try and fit in. He was obviously comforted by it and understood the situation better. I think this situation better progressed our friendship and made us come closer to being friends. He was very grateful that I noticed and that I cared enough to mention it to him.
We decided it would be best if we talked to her about it. It was really hard because I don’t like confrontation a lot and I really wanted this girl to feel welcome. In spite of these feelings, we brought it up to her and tried to come to an understanding about the whole situation. She understood our side of things and let us know she was just making a joke and had no malicious intentions.
I forgave her for making these jokes about people, some of whom were my friends. We still treat her kindly regardless of the past. She said things she didn’t mean, and we all talked about it, sometimes behind her back. It took a lot to forgive her for hurting someone’s feelings in the way that she did. Now I am friends with both of them and have gotten over what was said in the past. I have fun showing with both of them and we are all friendly

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