Man Vs Nature In Life Of Pi

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The Life Of Yann Martel Ibn Battuta once stated, “Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller (Kirsty). With a writing career heavily influenced by his word travels, Yann Martel’s success is a tale that proves this quote to be entirely true. Martel has been an award winning author since 1993 and has created several books that are cherished by many. His most popular work to this day is the book Life of Pi which was published in 2002 (Kuipers). Living and traveling all over the world led Yann Martel to gain experiences and even a degree in philosophy before settling in India to write the beloved Life of Pi (“Yann Martel”). Yann Martel was born to Canadian parents Nicole and Emile on June 25th, 1963 in Salamanca, …show more content…
One obvious one is Man vs. Nature. Pi fights to stay alive while in the middle of the ocean on a lifeboat for seven months with a tiger. He has to learn to deal with all the dangers of nature and of the tiger as well and must assert his dominance over the animal. Another conflict is Man vs. Self. Pi knows he has to overcome not only the outside dangers, but the dangers of his mind as well. The minute he begins to give up on life really is when he will die. He almost has to mind over matter the situation and keep up the fire within to stay alive. A third, smaller conflict in the story is Man vs. Society. As mentioned before, Pi develops a strong interest in religion. His parents raised him to practice Hinduism but he also believes in the Christian and Islamic faiths. Instead of giving any of them up though, he just decides to practice all three which seems to bother everyone in his life. His are very angry that he is a part of not just one, but multiple religions outside of Hinduism and want him to focus on just that one. The Christian priest also expresses his disliking of the fact that Pi is not completely devout to Christianity. So while Pi finds comfort in all of his religions, society tells him he should only have one. Even his mom tells him, “Listen my darling, if you’re going to be religious, you must be either a Hindu, a Christian, or a Muslim. You heard what they said on the esplanade” (Martel pg

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