Malware: What Is The Meaning Of Malware?

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What is the meaning of hackers What is the Malware ? And how many type of it ?. At time time , Malware become more dangerous than before. Even though IT security companies could not figure out how to be warned and discover it after spreading in network. Malware has become a serious issues , as we know the world now depending for technology to communicate , shopping , and educations. So I will explain what type of of malware and how to prevent from it.

Malware is a serious problem and customer are mostly victim. The malware basically is a software design by hacker to perform a malicious work. Publish the the advertisements in browser and gain the password account. Sometimes the Malware designed to destroy the network and servers.
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First of all , I blame the employes and the regular users about how they are uses the technology and have no idea about the hackers and the techniques have use it to convection to open the malware. Second there are a few of firewalls might prevent and against malware. But some victims do not care about how to be secure during use Internet. What is the ransomware ? and how to protect from it ?. More susceptible to this malware who browser suspicious sites which mean some sites are already get hacked from hackers and the hackers have hidden ransomware. To be more safe , users and employments should not visit a susceptible sites and if they need to visit make sure that browser is updated and do not download any execution file. As I mentioned the common attack method of ransomware. So we can always have seen that attack come in after the victim accept which mean the attacker convince the victim to open the link or the execution file. So to avoid these kind of attack , we should follow some steps to be secure during use the internet. First of all , always update your system and apps every weeks. Second if you receive message from unknown email which contains link or attach file do not open it , just delete it. Although , some IT company offering service to scanner and analysis file for free, Even if you should to buy to them , I can buy $10 to make sure my system is going to be secure. VirusTotal is the most common site for scanner file and analysis exception files. It is free and not required to make a payment to them before analysis the

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