Mammals of Africa

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  • Theoretic Ape Theory: Differences Between Aquatic Apes And Humans

    an island type of an environment when East-Africa flooded. Since the population was isolated, the apes would have to go to the sea for further survival. By the time these apes reached land again, their body composition would have now altered, in so many ways further connecting this theory. Humans are relatively naked mammals much like the only other naked mammal, aquatic also underground animals; unlike mammals living in Africa. This may include animals such as hippos, whales, also naked mole rats. Aquatic mammals lost fur for insulation and in returned gained blubber to keep warm. Mammals lose their hair usually because of an environmental factor, such as being in subterranean or water. After millions of years of aquatic apes the AAT states that they had shed most of their hair. This makes much sense, the apes lost the fur as a less adaptive trait. Humans have a small amount of hair, but don’t have any fur. Human hair is very unusual compared to other mammals. Mammals fur is pointed down to help water run down their body, opposed to human hair, which seems to follow the direction of water flow across the body. Out of all primates, humans are by far the fattest. We can’t solely blame fast food for humans fatness. It is extremely natural for humans to be born chubby, unlike other primate, chimpanzees, who are born generally very slim. Humans contain about ten times the amount of cells a mammal of the same size would. Terrestrial mammals tend to carry fat in similar ways as…

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  • Fast Cheap And Out Of Control Analysis

    He 's just been waiting for a new discovery in his sector to develop: frankly, he reveals his obsession with fame when he claims; "It” could have been a bird… etc. "It" in this case clearly refers to the creature that would come along and make him famous! Mendez displays a self-regarding role, due to the fact that he was not the original person who discovered the hairless mole rat; he resume to take full credit to this discovery and be recorded in history. Mendez received some sort of divine…

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  • Pleistocene Overkill Analysis

    Overkill states that humans were directly responsible for the extinction of the large mammals in north Eurasia and the Americas during the Late Pleistocene era. Martin observed that there is a connection between the time humans began inhabiting north Eurasia and the Americas, and the extinction of the majority of enormous mammals. The overkill hypothesis states that the predecessors of the Native Americans arrived in North America (approximately fourteen thousand years ago), there were a myriad…

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  • Essay On Manatee

    INTRODUCTION The West Indian manatee’s scientific name is Trichechus manatus, which approximately translates to “sea cow”. They are a member of the order Sirenia which contain the dugong and the abruptly extinct Steller’s sea cow. Manatees are large and come in varying colors of gray and brown. They are marine mammals but unlike a dolphin or whale the manatee has a flat, paddle like tail. They have two front flippers which each has at least three nails on it, another quality distinguishing it…

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  • The Hedgehog: Gender Stereotypes

    The Hedgehog Erinaceous europaeus Hedgehogs are fascinating creatures! With such a small body length and only weighing a few ounces, it’s astonishing they are not categorized as rodents. What’s even weirder is that some hedgehogs eat dog food. Hedgehogs have a much shorter gestation period compared to other animals. Have you ever wondered what a hedgehog looks like? The head, body, and tail length is about 6-14 inches, and they only weigh about 14-39 ounces. The gender differences are very…

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  • Rabbits And Animal Stereotypes

    Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits. Today their are more than 50 different species of rabbit and the number continues to increase as the selective breeding of pet rabbits becomes more popular. The expected lifespan of a rabbit is about 9 to 12 years. The oldest rabbit on record was 18 year old. They are characterized by long ears and legs, large…

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  • Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies Essay

    There are a plethora of symbols that represent the savagery and the darkness of man. The scar is a symbol of destruction. This shows that man will always have his savage nature. The beautiful paradise, the island, is ruined just because of the arrival of man. The painted masks on the Hunters prove that there is a movement from civilization to savagery. As the Hunters paint their faces, the last bits of their civilized nature goes away. Their faces without the mask represents the civil part of…

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  • How To Stop Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

    Between their mesmerizing, heart-filled eyes, fluffy fur, and playful behaviors, animals are wonderful creatures. There are roughly twenty-four billion animals who inhabit the Earth, which is approximately three times the amount of humans on the planet. Out of those animals, one hundred million are used for animal testing every year. Whether it be a bird, rabbit, etc., animals are tested on everyday for cosmetics and house necessities. Animal testing should be put to a stop; it is cruel and…

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  • Blanchard's Cricket Frog Research Paper

    Blanchard’s Cricket Frog (Acris blanchardi) Introduction As humans, we get the opportunity to share and coexist on this planet with some extraordinarily unique and diverse organisms. Of such organisms, reptiles and amphibians are some of the most adaptable organisms on Earth, residing on every continent except bitter cold Antarctica. Here in Minnesota, There are 22 species of amphibians and 31 species of reptiles, ranging from the fast moving salamanders to the slow and nimble turtles. I got…

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  • Against Animal Rights Essay

    There is no doubt that in todays society we strive to protect every individual from harm, forming/maintaing laws and keeping rights. When someone is arrested, even if they have committed a crime or serious offense, the authority’s duties is to protect the person under arrest and the society around them. To accomplish this, officers have a ser procedier enforing the indivudal of their rights; miranda rights. The authority tries it’s best so that every individual feels safe within their living…

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