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  • Analysis Of Swami And Friends

    bordering/limiting place such as Malgudi, rise above the (related to a large area) framework and become novels of greater importance and wider vision. That is why, on the face of it, Narayan appears to be a (related to a large area) book writer whose plots have a (based on a made-up idea) place, namely a small township of Malgudi in South India. Just as Tough and strong 's novels are called Wessex novels, in the same way Narayan 's novels are called Malgudi novels. In this way Narayan 's Malgudi has the analogical relationship with Tough and strong 's Wessex. As Prof. K. R. Sinivasa Iyengar statements, "Malagudi is Narayan 's Casterbridge". Educated people have made useless attempts and wild guesses in identifying this small town of Malgudi. Prof. Iyengar himself thinks that it could be the Malgudi on the bank of the river Kaveri near Yadavagin in Mysore. Some others tried to identify Malgudi with Coimbatore which shares many common features such as a river on one side, forests and hills on the other, a mission school and a college, extension to the city-based limits, mills, etc. But all these guesses remain only imaginary and Narayan 's Malgudi seems to be a product of his own mind, a world of his imagination. He has not drawn any map of this place as William Faulkner did, nor had he a clear-cut map in his mind as Tough and strong had of his Wessex, though others have done the work for Narayan as, for instance, M. K. Naik has added (to the end) a map of Malgudi in his book…

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  • A Tiger For Malgudi Summary

    Study Metaphysical Novels Chapter VI A Tiger for Malgudi A. Phaniraja Kumar In this Metaphysical Chapter, A Tiger for Malgudi, discussed as the…

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  • A Tiger For Malgudi Analysis

    A Tiger for Malgudi is interspersed with various incidents and characters that depict the conflict between tradition and unconventionality. The lively descriptions of villagers with their characteristic terror of the primitive man and of the tiger as “a cave-dweller and jungle beast” carry the reader back to the savage times when man’s foremost preoccupation was to save his race from utter annihilation at the hands of wild beasts. The village and the sheep are symbols of innocence and unalloyed…

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  • Relationship In Githa Hariharan's The Ghosts Of Vasu Master

    Relationshipis the bondage in which the Indian society prevails. Githa Hariharan being an Indian women writer has written many novels and short stories. In all her novels she deals with the theme of social, political issues. She also deals with problems faced by women in Indian society. One another theme is relationship. In all her novels, she deals with some kind of relationship. In the novel The Ghosts of Vasu Master Hariharan deals with the relationship between a teacher and a student. She…

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  • Mythical Elements In R. K. Narayan Man Eater Of Malgudi

    Mythical Elements in R.K.Narayan Man Eater of Malgudi M.Vanisree Dr.G.Mohana Charyulu Associate Professor, Professor Department of English, Department of English, S.V Engineering College for Women, K.L University, Tirupati. Guntur. E-mail: E-mail: “I want a story to be entertaining, enjoyable and illuminating in some way” R.K.Narayan Rasipuram Krishna Swami Narayan is a versatile writer and…

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  • Talkative Man Character Analysis

    R.K.Narayan’s ‘Talkative Man’-A Mini Novel of Many Characters: A Study A. Phaniraja Kumar Abstract: Talkative Man is a short novel based on a man’s life in his struggle to make his reputation as a renowned journalist(TM) in the well-known modern town of Malgudi. It also describes the charisma of born flirt Dr. Rann and his Home Guard wife, Sarasa. In this novel R.K.Narayan focuses on characters rather than incidents. It is an entertaining read with humorous moments juxtaposed…

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  • The Man Eater Of Magudi Analysis

    been the study and exploration of the nature of evil in human life as was done by such great writers as Dante, Shakespeare, Milton, Melville, Henry James and Conrad. Narayan believes that the evil is within us and it is to be fought not only by the individual alone himself but also by all human beings. He has been preoccupied with the challenging problem of evil in life and the possible solution for it. In The Man-Eater of Malgudi, for example, Vasu’s identity as an evil force is established…

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  • Women In The Dark Room, By R. K. Narayan

    This place is a fictionous town in R.K. Narayan’s works. In reality, Malgudi is at Vittalapuram, a very peaceful place which has good road connection, accomplish everyone daily need, has public transports, educational institutions, recreational centers, hotels, hospitals, banks, and temples, besides being a useful place of preserve and restore natural resources. This village of Malgudi has its people from middle class families, which in the story, Savitri’s family depicts the middle class family…

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  • The World Of Nagaraj Analysis

    pyol of his house which was outside of it and watches the activities of his neighbours. In his free period he works for his friend Coomar’s sari shop on voluntary. Coomar started his flourishing company with an advance from Nag, who is prudent to retain his services voluntary. He can come and go after he wants; he cannot be blamed. He and his wife, Sita are ineffectual in possessing no children. Sita is sensible, but lonely. Nagaraj is resilient and accommodating. He enjoys the easy…

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  • Swami And Friends Analysis

    The story of Swami and Friends revolves around a young boy named Swaminathan and his different activities with his friends. Life for Swami consists mainly of having escapade with his friends, avoiding the misery of homework, and coping as best as he can with the teachers and other adults he encounters. His greatest passion is the MCC—the Malgudi Cricket Club which he founds together with his friends, his greatest day is when the examination are over and school breaks- up- a time to celebrations…

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