Analysis Of Swami And Friends

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Chapter 1- Introduction

A book writer to be successful tries to limit his (based on a made-up idea) activity to the narrow edges/borders of an area or a limited circumference of his chosen place which, as a matter of fact, becomes his (based on a made-up idea) world. A novel is generally expected to be the presentation not only of men, their manners, mental activities and social matters including customs and traditions but also of the (related to where mountains, rivers, cities, etc., are located) features of the place where these people live as their lives and behavioural patterns are mostly conditioned by the physical features of the place where they live. As such often the success of a novel depends on the successful selectivity of a particular place for the (based on a made-up idea)
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He is a learner at Albert Mission School, a school made by the British which offers criticalness to Christianity, English books and instruction. His life is changed a considerable measure when Rajam - an image of frontier super power - joins the school and he and Rajam get to be companions.
The focal subject of the novel is growing up of youthful Swami. He is an unplanned (and sudden), uncontrolled, insidious but then an exceptionally guiltless youngster. His identity is a youngster in the fullest feeling of the world. Through Swami 's eyes the peruser gets to crest into the preindependence days in South India. The life demonstrated/spoke to in the novel is precise in its depiction of the frontier days - the rough exertions by gatherings of individuals, the battles against power, the contempt and the (practically blessed) regard the locals had for their subjugator, together with differed components that have turned into one, for example, cricket and

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