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    In the world that we live in today, people are always looking to improve their appearance. They use methods such as makeup, plastic surgery, Photoshop, exercise, etc. Certain businesses take advantage of people’s insecurities by trying to look a certain way and make a profit off of it. For example, Muscle Milk, a protein based company, advertises supplements in order to achieve that goal, suddenly making achievable goals possible. Muscle Milk advertisements look to attract mostly the male population because the thought of being bigger and gaining protein is a common male desire. Although both advertisements are geared towards men, one is for athletic men and the other is for non-athletic. In the advertisement with Clay Matthews, all-star linebacker, it appeals to ethos. It attempts to convince the audience that the author can be trusted. This association of a celebrity with the product establishes credibility. The advertisement also appeals to pathos, which attempts to evoke an emotional response in the audience. The fact that the product is an investment in one’s health is an obvious use of pathos. Clay Matthews is presented up close, increasing the intensity of the image and suggesting the importance of Muscle Milk. The front view also tends to emphasize Clay Matthews. By looking at him straight on, he appears larger, attracting males who also want to be large. If the photograph had been taken by a high angle, he would appear smaller. The company didn’t do this because…

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