Christianity Vs Islam Research Paper

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Opening Statement-
For the duration of history, the human race has been subjected to various religions. Our global populations have adapted to incorporate these religions into everyday lives, since the beginning of time. All these religions have placed and planted seeds of knowledge in millions to billions of individuals around the world. Almost all religions promise/talk about an end destination after life, a path to salvation in other words. All religions give their perspective on how to live, breathe, eat, think, and how to get to this supposed destination, BUT WHICH PATH IS TRUE? The question being proposed here today is if all religions are true, well in my opinion, no, not all religions can be true. There can be only one truth to a story, but in a story with multiple
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Christians believe Jesus Christ is the true and only god. “Christianity stems from the teachings, death and the life of one central figure Jesus Christ” (Christianity). Christianity has created practices, ways of life, and sets of ideas. Within Christianity there are also numerous denominations as well, with their minor differences. Another major world religion is Islam. Islam has also created practices, ways of life, and sets of ideas just like Christianity. “Muslims believe Allah as the sole God—creator, sustainer, and restorer of the world” (Islam). Both religions believe in central figures but are completely different. Where Christians believe in Jesus and Muslims believe in Allah. This is an example that of all religions are not true because Muslims and Christians both follow different figures and different paths compared to one another. If another object/thing were compared to the same level as Allah in Islam, then that would be considered a sin. The same goes for Christianity. Both religions rely on these opposite/different central figures, thus means both religions are

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