Christianity And Islam Similarities

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Islam and Christianity are more similar than they are dissimilar
In a climate of fear and distrust between Muslims and Christians and in particular between Americans and Middle Eastern Muslims, I believe that it is critical to keep an open mind, stay objective and not allow fear and those who promote hate for the sake of hate, dictate how we think and feel about one another. Islam and Christianity are more alike than they are dissimilar.
In the last few years and especially since 2001, there has been a sharp increase in anti-Muslim feelings in the world and especially in the United States. This sentiment against Muslims has been mainly reflected and also propagated by the western media. This negative coverage in the press, whether its intentional
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There are other semi,.ilarities between Islam and that would surprise many. Like Christians, Muslims believe in thew Virgin birth, and that conception of Jesus was by a divine miracle by God.
Belief in Jesus and his second coming is a central tenant of Islam. Muslims also believe that upon his return, to earth before the day of judgment, they should fight for him against the anti-christ.
In spite fo these differences, there are major differences between Islam and Christianity. One major difference is that Christians believe in the trinity (father, son, Holy Ghost), while Islam completely rejects Trinity. In fact, some of the early Christians were Unitarians since the Trinity concept did not get become part of Christianity until 325 AD (Esposito 310).
Another difference is that to be a Muslim; one must believe in the Holy Bible and the original Gospel of Jesus. Muslims consider Christians as People of the Book. However, Christians don’t believe that the Quran is a holy
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The Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, Acts of violence in Europe committed by the Irish republican Arny, Badermeinhoeff leftist group in Germany, The Red Army in Italy, The Apartheid in South Africa, Slavery and lunching of the Blacks in The South of US, pro-life violence against pro-choice doctors and many more examples of violence committed by Christians against Jews and Christians and against Christian and Christian against Muslims in the name of Christian values name of Christian values. It would be wrong to advocate that it is the Bible is responsible for the acts of violence no matter how heinous the crimes are. There is simply no correlation. The Bible did not kill the 6 million Jews, Hitler hatred for the Jews did it. Islam is not immune to being manipulated, but the same logic should apply to

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