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  • Quinoa Case Study

    used as flour and the green sprouts can be added into salads and ready to serve (Chamorro, 2003). Quinoa flour is usually mixed with maize or wheat flour, with the reported substitution of in bread (10-13% quinoa flour), noodles and pasta (30-40% quinoa flour) and sweet biscuits (60% of quinoa flour) (Chamorro, 2003). Fermented beverage, ‘chicha’ mainly derived from maize, can be also made by quinoa grains (Simmonds,…

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  • GMO Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    Rhetorical Analysis of GMO Articles In the report by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), “Genetically Engineered Crops: Report and Prospects,” Gould et al. provide logical appeals such as: scientific research, statistics, and other facts supporting the use of GMOs. In the article, Gould et al. disprove many common GMO misconceptions. Although no pathos is involved, this article provides reliable evidence and effectively argues the beneficial qualities of GMOs. The National Academy of…

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  • Gm Food Labeling Research Paper

    Genetically Modified Food Labeling: Consumers’ right to make informed choices Most foods available in the market are either genetically engineered or they have at least one ingredient from GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). However, most of these food products are not labeled properly as they are considered as safe as non-GMO food. Nonetheless, consumers have the right to get this information when they buy their food. The only way to do that is to impose mandatory labeling of Genetically…

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  • Persuasive Essay On GM Crops

    GM crops is a very controversial topic that is being discussed around the world. GM crops are plants that have been genetically altered in order to become more efficient. Having food is very important to human life. We are being presented with an opportunity to improve our health and lives through genetically modified crops. They not only provide a substantial amount of nutrition, they can help us create vaccines, they make it easier to to care of the crops, and they can be improved to create…

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  • The Importance Of Corn To The Colonists

    Equally important for the colonists to survive was to learn how to use available resources and ingredients. The first colonists relied on the supplies they brought. The colonists brought plants and seeds from England, but they had a hard time getting them to grow. The Native Americans came to the colonist rescue. If not for the American Indians showing the colonist native plants and how to cook them along with planting and harvesting them, the colonist would have all died. The colonists came…

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  • Benefits Of Cassava

    making it an attractive and low-risk crop for poor farmers. Also, cassava is available to low-income rural households in the form of simple food products (for example, dried roots and leaves) which are significantly cheaper than grains such as rice, maize and wheat. Similarly, urban households in many parts of West Africa consume cassava in the form of garri (Nweke et al., 2001). In some countries, cassava is consumed daily and sometimes more than once a day. Fresh root, dried roots, pasty…

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  • Mexican Cuisine In Planet Taco, By Jeffery Pilcher

    food. The book begins in an overview of the tracing of Mexican cuisine in South-Western Mexico, running back to Spanish conquistadors, Creole Patriots, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Jeffery Taylor then goes on to display the birth and importance of Maize in both Mexican Cuisine and world history. Taylor then goes on to talk about the importance of these northern borderlands of Mesoamerica. Taylor elaborates on the pre-Columbus times of this region. In these lands it was primarily nomadic,…

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  • Meat Based Diet Issue Essay

    Question 1 Humans are starving all over the world, while some are enjoying life with a meat based diet. A meat based diet leads to the depletion of food resources that can be used to feed starving families calling for a more quasi-vegan based diet. The quasi-vegan diet provides the same nutritional value as a meat based diet does. On September 11, 2001 over 18,000 children under the age of five lost their lives. They lost their lives not to the tragic events that took place due to terrorists’…

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  • Consequences Of Genetically Modified Foods

    However, as of October 3, 2015 19 countries in Europe have banned the growing of genetically modified crops within their borders, targeting the only European GMO Monsanto’s maize corn MON 810 (Chow 2). Greenpeace’s food policy director Franziska Achterberg stated. “They don’t trust the E.U. (European Union) safety assessments and are rightly taking action to protect their agriculture and food.” The war against GMO in Europe…

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  • GM Modified Foods: What Is Genetically Modified Food?

    What is Genetically Modified Food? Genetically modified (GM) foods are defined as "foods derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally, e.g. through the introduction of a gene from a different organism" (WHO, 2015). Genetic engineering (also called modern biotechnology or gene technology) performs this modification. The specific genes selected from one organism are transferred to another within different species such as animals,…

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