Genetic Modifications

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Genetic Modifications: a Phenomenal Technological Advancement
Genetically modified organisms have the potential to save millions of lives in areas where people are starving. However, foods and other products which contain genetically modified organisms are rejected and avoided in several places worldwide. This is mainly because the technology that is used to change the DNA of a plant, animal, or bacteria is new to everyone. A common misconception today is that GMOs cause harm to the environment and to human health. In truth, these modifications are made to make farming more efficient and preserve the environment, and there is no scientific evidence which shows that GMOs are harmful to human health. Those who decide to farm genetically modified
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The farmers in Africa are simply not producing enough food to meet the demand, which also makes food more expensive and more hard to reach. Close to four million Zambians, seven million Zimbabweans, and fourteen million Ethiopians are at risk of starvation(Masci). If these people were not afraid of GMOs, there would be significantly less hunger. There is literally tons of genetically modified food being donated, but unfortunately most of it is rejected. The Food and Drug Administration has approved all of the food donated by the United States, so it is the same food that is being bought by countless American consumers. A reason for this rejection according to Abdulrazak Ibrahim, a respected author and doctor of cell biology, is that “Unfortunately, most African countries have fallen victims of anti GMO propaganda and conspiracy theories that have no scientific basis whatsoever”(Ibrahim). There is no valid reason for starving people to refuse food that the United States is donating to them; the risk of starvation is much higher than the non-existent risk of eating genetically modified food. The United States has donated twenty thousand tons of corn to Zambia, but the hungry have not been allowed to eat it, and shipments from the United States have been stopped(Masci). To people who do not know what exactly is meant by genetically modified, it can be scary accepting this …show more content…
There is some effects on politics due to this issue. Certain governments are getting involved and trying to help with the issue in order to introduce GM crops and show how helpful they can be. Golden Rice, which is genetically enhanced with beta carotene, was invented in order to prevent blindness in children. It was meant to be used in poor countries where the main part of citizens’ diets is rice(Mayer). This certain crop was designed special for these countries which are not fond of genetic modifications so this technology would become more widely accepted. These countries could largely benefit economically from farming genetically modified crops, but instead they are in dangerous economical situations. African farmers are taking economic losses because they will not grow anything that is genetically modified. Diseases are common for this reason as well, and they can be detrimental to the financial success of these African farmers. There is an epidemic going on in Kenya and other African countries right now; a disease is affecting maize, which is a very common crop in several African countries. This is obviously negatively affecting the farmers, but the consumers will be impacted by this as well. The seeds have been bathed in insecticides and fungicides on numerous occasions to protect the crops.

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