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  • Summary: Our Food Products Is Safe

    Where does our food come from? Our food comes from hard working farmers and large agricultural companies who supply us with food. Now, the question is, is it safe? In order to find out if our food products are safe, we must begin with the definition of agriculture. Agriculture is the creating of crops and livestock products (Janick, Altieri, and Colwell) and agriculture means the same in every nation. However, the way it’s done varies from country to country. The U.S. has the best possible…

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  • Cultural Traditions And Injustice In Hispanic Culture

    Cultural traditions are found in many households. In Hispanic culture, tamales, corn-based dough wrapped in corn husks filled with meat, are regarded as a holiday treat. Usually, tamales are made twice a year for Christmas and New Year’s. A traditional tamale recipe consists of several steps, and can take two days to get to. The process includes prepping, preparing, and steaming. The process begins with prepping the meat, and will take place on the first day of this two day process. When making…

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  • Pro Gm Foods

    For years, parents have reprimanded their children with the witty comment “You are what you eat.”, and this phrase has been pulled into numerous lawsuits and controversial fights regarding genetically modified foods. In this day in age, how would people respond if someone told them that if they consumed too many genetically modified foods, they would become a genetically modified food? Genetically modified foods have earned themselves the abbreviation of GM foods, and were introduced into the…

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  • When A Corn Becomes King Analysis

    In the article “When a Crop Becomes King” by Michael Pollan, the author discusses how the usage and consumption of corn has a negative effect on everything that it comes into contact with. America has let corn become a “king” in our society and country. Corn is said to be a king because corn basically controls our government since there is the $190 billion bill only to subsidize corn. “One need look no further than the $190 billion farm bill President Bush signed last month to wonder whose…

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  • Jane Goodall's Harvest For Hope

    The book “Harvest for Hope”, written by Jane Goodall, outlines and inspires the audience to eat mindfully and healthily. The author explains how a great portion of our nutrient intake is unknowingly mixed with toxins, and made in miserable conditions. Dr. Goodall explains this successfully by analyzing the typical practices of industrial agriculture, which then leads her on to examine the repercussions of these techniques, pressing the point that we are fatally detached from nature and it’s…

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  • Why Is Gmos Successful

    Another reason GMOs aren’t very successful is because there are alternatives to these foods. Just because we have a new way to engineer and grow crops doesn’t mean we have to eat it. We have been developing agriculture for thousands of years, so we can choose not only our foods, but also how they are grown. The New Leaf potato ran into this problem. The New Leaf potato reduced the need for pesticides because of its genetic modification. It wasn’t successful because people had the ability to make…

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  • Quarantine Persuasive Essay

    However, chemicals aren’t the only ways to control disease. Quarantine can be a simple way to stop the spread of disease. As Randy Ploetz, a professor of plant pathology, says in his article: “In pathogen-free regions, effective quarantine and exclusion are essential.” Once soil is infected by Panama disease there is no way to remove it (Ploetz). Quarantine can slow the spread but diseases like Panama and Black Sigatoka are easily tracked in on boots, farming equipment or machinery. The Farmer…

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  • David Barboza's If You Pitch It They Will Eat It

    Industrial farming poses dangers to our health, In Pleasures of Eating, Wendell Berry describes the importance of understanding the connection between eating and the land in order to extract pleasure from our food. When A Crop Becomes King is like Wendell Berry's article, however it focuses on corn and corn production in our food. Unlike the two articles listed above, David Barboza’s article: If You Pitch It They Will Eat It is about the advertisement part of the food industry, and how they…

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  • Case Study Sahara Desert

    1. What new technologies enabled the growth of interregional trade networks and agricultural developments? In this time period people made different technologies for different uses. Three things that are very useful are the compass, caravan, and the plow. The compass was more useful for trading. It was used to tell basic location using North, South, East, and West. It made getting to a location for trade much easier. The caravan could’ve been used for both trade and agriculture. It made…

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  • Gelatin Vs Hormier

    Did you know that Jell-O has been a part of American culture for over a century? Jell-O, a dessert made from prepared powder, is something that we, humans, eat everyday. To keep a solidify figure, the Jell-O requires gelatin as a part of its ingredients. For my experiment, I will be determining whether certain enzymes in fruits prevent gelatin from the process of solidification, and if there’s a way to still include these fruits without ruining the dessert. The research question of the project…

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