Non GMO Research

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Why would farmers go back in time from all of the developments in technology, and advancements that have come along in agriculture industry? That would be like telling one of today’s farmers to get rid of his brand new John Deere tractor that is equipped with auto steer and heated seats, and go back to a horse drawn plow. In a way this is what the push for non GMO products are doing to farmers. One of the largest debates in today’s agriculture, is it effective to plant non GMO crops. Will farmers profit from the lower yields, and high premium at the elevator? These are the kind of questions farmers ask themselves every spring when it comes to planting. Planting several acres of non GMO will not benefit the farmer. Not being able to spray chemicals, and not using the higher yielding new varieties of seed, farmers will not be able to maximize yield in their fields. …show more content…
Farmer spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for this research to have the seed that performs on every acre the farmer plants. The Non-GMO Project is a nonprofit organization that encourages the public to purchase more non GMO products. They also keep the public informed on the information about non GMO products. Their goal is to eliminate GMO through the market place. “If people stop buying GMOs, companies will stop using them, and farmers will stop growing them.” With that being said, The Non-GMO Projects would be trying to change the farming practices of over 80% of Untied States farmers. Without all of the high yield from the GM crops, growers might not be able to meet the high demands of grain that is need around the

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