Discrimination And Mistreatment Of Native Americans And Mexican Immigrants In America

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1. Enrique believes that he is more American than the white people that do live here is, and his reasoning is that the Hispanics and native Americans were located here before the Europeans came down and took it all, and he isn’t wrong. For that he wants his respect that has been overdue here due to the mistreatment of his environment Enrique living in America. To Enrique experiencing being American, it is much easier than being Mexican and developing in Mexico. His belief is very strong in this reason and this is due to him previously living in Mexico and experiencing how hard it was to make a living and how scarce opportunity is and not to mention the education systems being much worse back in his home. He holds pride with that title because …show more content…
1, reading this book and seeing what Enrique has been through, has taken me through a journey and, has changed my views Mexican immigrants in America drastically to a good perspective. It has showed me how hard they work and how they are treated. It seems as if all the Mexican Americans are mistreated as “less” or “lower class” when really they hold up this country with their hard work. The amount of judgment and mistreatment Mexican Americans get in America is large and it must stop, because as Jose mentions that they the Mexicans belong here on this land more than the Americans do, and its true Americans traveled from Europe to get here. Yet they are still the ones to be racist and unjustifiably so due to Mexican Americans being the good hard workers all these people are. As we see in this book Enrique worked very hard to come from Mexico and build what he has plus his family get to where he is today and how he was treated with his housing and environment is an excellent example. In this book we saw the kind of person that he was, he had some flaws like all of us, but he was good. Enrique worked hard for his family and tried to bring up and help his community. The community of Mexican immigrants all seem to be the same, very nice and friendly people that mean good and are just working to live and be happy like all of us, and seeing how American culture treats them is a shame and more light should be shed on this

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