Feliz Gonzales Torres Essay

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Cuban-born, gay visual artist, known for his installation art and sculpture, Felix-Gonzales Torres is one of my favorite conceptual artist that I’ve learned about in class. He was known for his minimal installations, sculptures in which he used materials like lightbulbs strings, different clocks, stacked paper, and packaged hard candies. Torres graduated from Colegio San Jorge in 1976 after that he then began his art studies at University of Puerto Rico where he effectively participated in the local art scene. He eventually relocated to New York City in 1979 through a study fellowship. He has participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program it was there his development as an artist was immensely impacted by his start to critical theory. In 1983 he graduated with his baccalaureate in photography from the Pratt Institute. He unfortunately died in 1996 due to AIDS at the age of 39. Many of his art was related to his personally life which influenced him to create a series of black and white photographs. My favorite from his work is Untitled (billboard of an empty bed). He expressed loneliness, emotion, and piles of blank spaces because the photograph was dedicated to show that he was grieving and missing someone, he did lose his …show more content…
The dark colors and emotions allows the viewers to understand that the artist was sad or gloomy when he created this work. His other work Untitled: (Perfect Lovers) similar to this one he tried to show the symbolized meaning to broaden the love between two people just like in the art of Untitled: (billboard of an empty bed). I feel like the Untitled series has a direct message that’s intriguing. It makes you feel like you’re missing someone or missing space, missing time. I’m moved by his work because he’s not scared to express himself or show personal both private and as well public parts of his

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