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  • The Effects Of Natural And Artificial Light In Architecture

    conclude by highlighting the role of light in future architecture styles. Life is light and light is life, a very true statement that confirms that role that light plays in our life in general and in architecture. The beauty of everything, the value of art, and the importance of architecture would not be known or appreciated without the blessings of light. Chapter 1: Buildings and…

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  • Summary Of The Poem The Painter By John Ashbrey

    “The Painter” By John Ashbrey Introduction: The painter, by Ashbery sheds light on art in general and imitative art in particular, and touched some modern movements such as imagism, which depended on concrete images instead of poetic diction, so many critical views have been presented to interpret this piece of art. Ashbery endeavors to depict the beautiful vision of artist’s mind by focusing on the proclamation “as is painting, so is verse". Through verse he commends and praises the…

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  • Julian Opie Artist Analysis

    the sculptures created by was mostly show at the Institute Of Contemporary Arts and the Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol It was the series sculptures he created in the 1980s that was based on art and architecture that helped make Julian Opie become a influential…

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  • Street Photography In America

    result of this quest, is a compilation of honest documents that hold growing importance over time. This adventure however, no longer fully captures the sole expression of street photography. As the medium of photography shifted from document to the fine art, the genre of street photography was also innovated. Philip diCorcia and Richard Renaldi both exemplify the innovations in street photography. They each control the image in order to put forth a critique on the urban space. In general, both…

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  • Essay On Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau Art Nouveau, or the French term for “New Art,” is a colorful movement in the arts that attracted Europe during the process of change from the 19th century to the 20th century. Art Nouveau had other names, “Stile Liberty” in Italy and “youth style” in German. Right before art lovers would begin riding in motor cars, watching moving pictures, and refreshing for the First World War, they would flip through bright international philosophy and style of art magazines. This cultural…

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  • Aurora Borealis Analysis

    Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington and its dimensions are 142.3 x 212.2 cm. Portrait of Félix Fénéon was created in 1890, it is now housed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and its dimensions are 74 x 95 cm. Aurora Borealis is case of Church's utilization of luminism. Qualities of luminism are: a diffuse light, a foggy environment, and a quiet perspective of the land. Church’s color choice is very naturalistic. The lines used on Aurora Borealis elicit a conceptual connection.…

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  • The Expressive Theory Of Art

    Expressive theory of art, while being able to include certain artwork and exclude non-artwork that was problematic for formalism, has difficulties of its own. That is, there seems to be something wrong with arguing that simply because an artist has not felt the emotions expressed in their work their creation is not art. This notion could discount many great creations. For example, suppose there was the most beautiful painting; formally it is perfect, the colours, shape and brush stroke is…

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  • Role Of Contrast In Visual Art

    Visual/Kindergarten Unit Focus Students study the role of contrast in visual art following a unit on community and the individual. They examine the role that difference plays in society, creating diverse and democratic groups. They then compare this to compositions in the arts, examining how contrast functions to create visual interest (“There is no light without dark“). Students will focus on the way an artist uses the elements of art to create contrast within a work in addition to gaining a…

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  • Big Juice Mango Research Paper

    Life and art is a learning process, you would never stop discovering new things about yourself or the world we live in, and beautiful things can be established by our way of thinking. Trying new things in any aspects will always be the best way to assure who you…

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  • Michelangelo's Argumentative Analysis

    become experts in their field, which prompted them to create such creative pieces of art work. These ideas can only be contributed to creative cognition of insight. Some researchers believe that creative cognition stems from expertise in your particular domain, but there is surmountable evidence surrounding the argument that creative cognition is deeply rooted in insight. “Creative thinking is central to the arts, sciences and everyday life.” (Roger. E Beaty, 2016) The study of creative…

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