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  • Art Museum Critique

    I visited the Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU. There were several artists on exhibit there from different parts of the Caribbean, Central and South American and the United States. The most beautiful piece that I saw was a tapestry that showed what looked like two women facing in opposite directions. One was red, one was black. While I was looking at it I was wondering how long it took the artist to make the piece because it is very detailed and complicated but kind of…

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  • Essay On James Ensor's Mask Confronting Death

    ‘Masks Confronting Death’, there is a faint image of a face that has been painted over: a feature that I had not noticed the first time I saw the painting. However, as I was living in Connecticut I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York City multiple times, and each time I was able to examine this piece in further detail. I had a similar experience when observing Claude Monet’s ‘Poplars’ in the Fitzwilliam Museum. In the central third of the oil painting is a brush…

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  • Gardener Vs Time Traveler

    This type of art is mainly abstract, which makes it more interesting in my case. Time Traveler was sculpted by Thomas Lingeman, the professor of Art at the University of Toledo. The model was a gift from the estate of Milford Martin Romanoff. Romanoff was a part of the very first campus beautification committee. The sculpture rests in the somewhat middle of Centennial Mall, which is astonishing because Milton was instrumental in the design of the Mall. This art speaks to me personally…

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  • Analyzing Michelangelo's 'Torment Of Saint Anthony'

    he Torment of Saint Anthony is the earliest known painting by Michelangelo, painted after an engraving by Martin Schongauer when he was only 12 or 13 years old.[1] It is currently in the permanent collection of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.[1][2] It shows the common medieval subject, included in the Golden Legend and other sources, of Saint Anthony being assailed in the desert by demons, whose temptations he resisted; the Temptation of St Anthony (or "Trial") is the more common…

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  • Should The Arts Be Considered Unimportant In Today's Society

    people who thrive in the arts. Now wait a minute... the arts? Andy Warhol was the only artist out of the three? Actually, Beyonce, Zac Efron and Andy Warhol are all representatives of the fine arts because of their professional backgrounds. All three are looked at as the top of society. Many people who are considered famous or role models in society are from music, theatre, or art backgrounds... but then why are so many of these programs being cut from schools? Fine arts should…

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  • Pablo Picasso Influence

    The artist Pablo Picasso has greatly impacted the development of modern and contemporary art. His work includes over 20,000 paintings, prints, drawings and much more. Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881, In Málaga, on the southern Spanish coast. Picasso’s father, José Ruiz Blasco, supported the family by teaching drawing at the local art school. At the age of seven, Picasso received formal artistic training from his father in figure drawing and oil painting. His father was a traditional,…

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  • The Indigo Girls Essay

    Alternative music is an umbrella term that is used to describe music that is not played on mainstream radio, or consumed by mainstream audience. It does not fall into any other musical genre. There are dozens of different subgenres that branched off from alternative music. Alternative pop/rock is a catch-all term for post-punk bands from the mid-1980’s and mid-1990’s. Since there are a variety of musical styles within alternative rock, all of them tie together and exist outside of the…

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  • Bar At The Folies-Berge By Édouard Manet: Art Analysis

    The art piece that I’ve find very intriguing is the Bar at the Folies-Bergère by Édouard Manet. One of my classmates shared this piece, I found myself wanting to know more about the artwork and do a little research about it. The art piece was made in the year of 1832-33 and it is hang in the Paris Salon. The medium that is being used is paint. In the painting, the three elements that the painter has included are the texture, space, and color. As for the three principles of designs, he uses…

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  • Botticelli Primavera Analysis

    Lorenzo and the most annoying part about this all is that it is not the Lorenzo that comes to all of our minds at first it is his cousin Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco. The art piece itself represents the renaissance in many ways, the use of perspective, the nature used as the background, and realistic people all throughout the painting. The art piece has a lot of inner messages making it much more interesting. For me when I found out the hidden messages throughout the painting it made me feel part of…

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  • Personal Statement: Perceiving Art

    Art has multiple meanings depending on the artist, for me, art is the application of color in a scientific manner to create magic in a canvas. Art is harmony, but harmony that can be found in the science of color. As most of the artists that are part of the salon and those whose art is denied or ignored, I am a Parisian and an even though I am a very patriotic and conservative person, I utilized Art to evade traditionalism and to express my original style. I am a learner every day, but Art has…

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