Conceptual art

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  • Essay On Pablo Helguera

    Socially Engaged Art Pablo Helguera is a highly viewed in the field of practitioner, educator and socially engaged art. Helguera integrates his artistic abilities to the problem of social engaged art. He served as director of adult and academic programs in the department of education at the Museum of Modern art in New York since 2007. His visual art includes social engagement, historical research, pedagogy and language. He is also a author of many books, including Manual of Contemporary Art…

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  • Irrational And Unconscious Mind In Carl Jung's Poems

    to another” (G.Jung, 1964). Dreams generate scenes, actions and incoherent story lines. They create Imagery which is contradictory to each other, ideas which has undertones, which Freud called “equivalent meanings”……and Jorge Lakoff explains as conceptual metaphor When I noticed the Genius of the place, Ordinarily very…

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  • Nonrepresentational Art: Jackson Pollock's Art

    Expressionism is like nonrepresentational art in that did not portray a clear defined picture. This type of art was made popular by Jackson Pollock; One example of his art is, “number 1” made in 1949. This type of art used heavy brush strokes or a drip technique used by Jackson Pollock. This movement was a rebellion against cubism, nonrepresentational, surrealism, and dada. It started in New York in the early 1900’s after world war 2 as a new way to look art. Bauhaus was a…

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  • Pablo Picasso's Three Musicians

    This is called conceptual unity, the ability of the artist to make the musicians have their own unique characteristic but still have a common idea. The next principle of art is variety, which is about “uniqueness and diversity” (Dewitte 122). Each musicians has different characteristics such as lines, shapes, and colors. This makes each one different and makes the image have new and fresh look, as opposed to an image that is boring by being all the same. The last principle of art displayed is…

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  • Malevich Black Square Analysis

    (ground) that measures two feet and seven inches squared. With the work, Malevich successfully created a rift in the conventions of fine art, into which the painting asserted itself, “In 1913 (1915) Malevich exhibited a black square painted on a white canvas. Here a form was displayed which was opposed to everything that was understood by ‘pictures’ or ‘painting’ or ‘art.’ Its creator wanted to reduce all forms, all painting to zero. For us, however, this zero was the turning point. When we…

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  • Visual Arts Curriculum Essay

    Arts curriculum in early childhood education overall is the opportunity to let children use their imaginations, and to let them succeed to the best of their abilities. As schools become more advanced, many children are seeing the potential of some form of art education, and what it can do for them in the future. For many kids today, the arts establish a foundation beyond everyday learning. The two most common types of arts curriculum is visual arts and performing arts, with a focus in music,…

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  • Essay On Sandro Chia

    successful or not? Sandro Chia had once felt that in his own right, he was not. Chia wanted to be the rock star of art not just well know. He blamed certain circumstances on others of his ruined reputation and the low value of the work in the art market. But his artwork may not have fit with the shaping of the times and the decline of the short-lived art movement he was associated with. Even, Art dealers said that Chia was not producing masterpieces that others were at the time. Many of these…

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  • Jan Tschichild's Poster Analysis

    development of an illustration that is adequately objective to limit individual interpretation. The associative and optical relationships developed between the various typographical materials through rendering enables the poster to achieve synthetic, conceptual and visual continuity . Consistent with Hollis, the different sizes, positions and weights that Jan Tschichild employed in various letters contributed in giving more voice to text…

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  • Digital Interactive Art Analysis

    The internet is full of a wide variety of digital interactive art and the artwork that stood out the most was Andy Deck, Glyphti (2001-2006). Glyphiti is an image composed of many smaller glyphs that an artist from any part of the world can manipulate. The base of the website seems to be fairly easy and the instructions was self-explanatory. However, there are some co-determined factors that the creator has limited for the artist. These limitations are what make glyphti so original and is able…

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  • Art In Marcel Duchamp's Fountain

    Art is a notoriously ambiguous subject and name. In society today, the word art immediately brings to mind the intricate and time-intensive works of the Old Masters’ paintings and sculptures. But there is another face of art that I believe is becoming more and more obvious. The face that is a single large orange dot on a canvas. The face that is the holy cross submerged in urine (Serrano, Andreas. Piss Christ. 1987. Stux Gallery, New York.) All this is acclaimed as art by art critics, collectors…

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