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  • Catcher In The Rye Instability

    Catcher In The Rye is a darker book, but I’m sure many people can relate to the main character Holden. Not long after you start reading the book you can tell how unstable his life and emotions are. Nearly every aspect of his life has something going wrong. But, that is something we all go through from time to time and can relate to. We might even deal with it in the same manner that he does even though we know it is unhealthy. I feel that the book explores instability in people’s lives, but particularly in the perspective of teenagers or young adults. The first example of the instability in his life starts with school. He moved from Whooton School to Elkton Hills to Pencey Prep which is now the school he’s flunking out of. It’s not explained…

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  • How Does War Affect Society

    With the Great War of the world being over for quite a few years now, it is becoming clear what the war has done to society. Even with this clarity, so much remains a mystery, as the world after the war has been a very changed one. In the seven years since the war has ended, the world has undergone massive instability in so many ways. On top of that instability, the war killed many people and injured so many more which has had devastating effects on society as a whole. It is ridiculous that the…

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  • Breakfast At Truman Capote Analysis

    Holly, or her real name Lulamae, has been fleeing from something all throughout her life, never satisfied with her current conditions. While this instability allowed Holly to escape from frightening situations, it also prompted Holly to losing connections with nearly everyone she loved. Because Holly is afraid of hurting anyone else from her disappearances, she refrains from growing personal connections with people who care about her. In the literary fiction Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman…

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  • Rehabilitation Interventions

    The purpose of this case report is to describe the necessary assessment tools and rehabilitation interventions in order to determine the effectiveness of conservative management for individuals with CAI. The patient is a thirteen-year-old female club soccer player who has sustained recurrent ankle injuries over the past year. Common impairments following an ankle injury include decreased strength, impaired dynamic balance, limited range of motion and instability.11 These impairments have…

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  • Denture Instability

    Introduction Patients who wear conventional dentures often complain about the instability of the prosthesis, particularly the mandibular denture. Denture instability leads to a feeling of insecurity, inefficient mastication, and dissatisfaction of the patient with the prosthesis. The physical means of retention are limited in patients with significant bone resorption, since the supporting surface is greatly reduced and stability of the lower denture is provided mainly by the action of the…

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  • Environmental Instability Research

    Environmental instability causes a student to have priorities over schools, such as survival and mental health needs that cause them to have less motive to do good in school. As Dian Schaffhauser has said, “lack of motivation, not just lack of ability” plays a crucial role in how students perform. This lack of motivation, however, though sounds simple, goes much deeper than just having a little will for school, rather it is not even getting the opportunity to even have that motivation. These…

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  • Food Instability Scenarios

    Scenario 3 – Food Insecurity & Political Instability Leading to Diversification Failure This scenario builds on the following two uncertainties: • Widespread food crisis/food insecurity. • Political Instability leading to failed diversification efforts. The scenario end-state is characterised by a mix of 1)Unfavourable climatic conditions such as lower rainfall leading to a higher level of desertification. A weaker currency at the same time will adversely affect the amount of food being…

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  • Peat Instability And Landslide Impacts

    areas are likely to be susceptible to erosion and potential landslip, resulting in raised silt levels in water bodies which can have an impact on aquatic species while deposition of material can affect vegetation. (SNH, 2011) 2.5.3 Peat Instability and Landslide Impacts Peat instability, either naturally or caused by human activity, can have a major impact on peatlands integrity. Assessing the likely impacts is extremely important for several reasons, not least that the hydrology of the…

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  • Cervical Joint Instability: A Case Study

    articles above, do you think physical therapy intervention will help in improving cervical joints instability of those patients who were managed with a nonsurgical approach, and can PT exercises decrease the need for surgical later on? Great question. From time to time, I am asked to cover the outpatient physical therapy clinic. Although low back pain related evaluations are common, I sporadically received a few consults from the internal medicine physician concerning “cervical joint…

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  • Political Instability In The Salem Witch Trials

    The Salem Witch Trials were created out of a myriad of complex issues, many of which cannot be explicitly defined. Thus, political instability may not have been as significant to the escalation of the hysteria. For instance, while it is true that the beginning of the conflict began during the inter-charter period, the witch trials continued even after the reestablishment of the royal charter. Benjamin Ray addresses this in his paper, stating, ”By mid-June, the government was fully restored, yet…

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