Torry And Billick: The Insanity Defense

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A person’s life has been heinously taken due to no fault of their own. Family and friends of the deceased have mourned, children have lost a parent, parents lost a child, and wives lost a husband. There is no way to ease their pain but, all they want is justice but, will they get it? When the murderer is finally caught the family is elated with joy and anticipate justice will prevail. But, there’s a catch, as the suspect’s defense attorney is claiming he was insane at the time the crime was committed and intends to plead just that. The insanity defense has been around for centuries and has always been the center of debate.
According to Zachary D. Torry and Stephen B. Billick (2007), a crime must have two key attributes evil intent (mens rea)
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Their proof must show that the accused has criminal liability, accountability, or culpability (Pg. 255). In the absence of one or both of the attributes the insanity may be used. To begin with, as stated by Torry and Billick, the insanity defense was used as far back as 1581 when there was a legal note in place for those who could distinguish the difference between right and wrong and those who could not (Pg. 256). By the Eighteenth Century the insanity defense was distinguished by, if the accused could only understand the ramifications of what he had done like an infant or even a wild animal would, then he would not be held responsible for said crime. Today, however, the law uses several different rules, including the M’Naghten rule, to determine if person’s mental state during the act of committing the crime was such that he will use the insanity defense.
Authors Larry Siegel and John Worrell, The M’Naghten rule, enacted in 1843, deems a person insane if, “at the time she committed the act she stands
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Laura Stampler, of Time magazine (2014), ways that Slender man is a mythical creature depicted as exceedingly tall, thin, arms hanging at the knee, and a white face with no eye, ears, nose, or mouth. The myth tells of a man, “who stalks, abducts, and psychologically terrorizes people—particularly children” (Pg. 1). There is a free downloadable Slender Man game online that anyone can play and is widely known as the game that makes grown men cry. It begins by having the player walk through computer generated woods while slow, bass, and spine-chilling music plays in the background. You can vary your walking speed in the game but, be forewarned if your speed isn’t perfect slender man will APPEAR so SUDDENLY with a blast of doomed music you will scream where you sit and opt never play the game again. Unfortunately, as NBC News reported in 2015, these two twelve year old girls from Wisconsin chose to play Slender Man and then they chose to go out make the game real by luring a fellow student into the woods, stabbing her nineteen times. The victim managed to survive the attack by crawling out of the woods and collapsing on a sidewalk where she was later found and taken to the hospital. One of the girls has been deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial. Some of her behavior during questioning includes her saying, she

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