The Influence Of Music On The Brain

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Music is a way for all types of people and cultures to come together. It is a phenomenon that affects many and is there for any situation. Whether one is interested in rock, jazz, classical, or pop, it will always be a source of inspiration and creativity. With more than two thousand musical instruments in the world, the ukulele is one that holds a unique sound and an overall blissful energy. The upbeat and cheerful tone it possesses makes it difficult to not crack a smile upon hearing it. While listening or even playing music, one does not typically think about how they are able to hear it. Music and other sounds create sound waves that travel into the ear, cause vibrations that pass through to the inner ear, and then sent to the brain. Humans …show more content…
The shape of the ear, the bones inside, and the nerve impulses it sends to the brain are very significant. One may wonder why it is easier for humans to hear whatever is in front of them as opposed to behind them. Since the ears face forward and lay flat against the skull, they are more accepting of sounds in front of the body instead of sounds coming from behind. One may also wonder why the sounds around them become more sharper and clearer when hands are cupped around their ears. With the hands surrounding the ears, it creates “A larger surface for sound waves to bounce off of and into [your] ears” (The Physics of Music 2). The ear is vital to the auditory system, which is the system responsible for the sense of hearing. It consists of the peripheral auditory system and the central auditory system. The inner, middle and outer ear make up the peripheral auditory system, while the cochlear nucleus, superior olivary complex, and a part of the brain called the thalamus make up the inner ear. The outer ear is also known as the auricle or pinna, and is usually “The part of the ear that people can see” (Your Ears 1). The auricle is the part of the ear that gets pierced for earrings or is whispered into for secrets. It’s main task is to collect the vibrations made from surrounding sounds. The outer ear also contains the ear canal where ear wax is found. Ear wax is a way for humans’ ears to stay healthy, since the wax contains chemicals that fight off infections, protecting the overall ear. After the sound waves travel through the outer ear and into the ear canal, the middle ear transforms those waves into vibrations. It can do this because of the eardrum, which is a tight flap of skin that vibrates when it is hit by sound, just like a drum. The eardrum is the part of the ear that separates the outer ear from the inner ear and contains the ossicles, which are the three smallest most fragile bones in a person’s body.

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